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Tourist Places To Visit In Stellenbosch

Planning A Trip To Stellenbosch? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Stellenbosch

Studded with stunning vineyards and mountains, Stellenbosch in South Africa provides tourists with viewpoints to cherish on their visit to this city. This town exuberates a vibrant cultural heritage coupled with a historical touch. The city boasts of some exceptional wineries that offer tourists with sumptuous tasting prospects. Also, the enthralling wildlife that flourishes across the nature reserves of Stellenbosch provides tourists with an enriching experience. Let us read on to know more about some of these exciting tourist places to visit at Stellenbosch.

Assegaaibosch Nature Reserve

Assegaaibosch Nature Reserve:  Tourist Places To Visit In Stellenbosch
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Nestled in the Jonkershoek Valley, Assegaaibosch Nature Reserve lies within touching distance of Stellenbosch's mainland. The setting around the reserve consists of the Eerste River's pleasant waters set against the backdrop of the Stellenbosch Mountains. Tourists can indulge in activities such as treks through the nature reserve, strolls along the banks of Eerste River, or visits to the wildflower garden. Fynbos trees and shrubs form a special attraction of the wildflower garden that lies within Assegaaibosch Nature Reserve. With more than 135 bird species to also watch over, this reserve is a treat to the eye.

Stellenbosch Wine Avenue

Stellenbosch Wine Avenue:  Tourist Places To Visit In Stellenbosch
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The Stellenbosch Wine Avenue has in excess of 300 wineries spread over its lengthy expanse. These wineries are located across different sub-routes for easy accessibility. Some of these sweet wine-tasting spots include Helderberg and Simonsberg-Stellenbosch, Devon Valley Vintners, and Bottelary Hills. Situated along the escarpments of Bottelary Mountain, the Bottelary Hills area nurtures world-class red wine at its wineries. Along with the excellent collection of red wines, Stellenbosch Wine Route also produces sparkling and premium white wine to entice all kind of taste buds.

Explore Butterfly World

Explore Butterfly World:  Tourist Places To Visit In Stellenbosch
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Butterfly World forms the biggest butterfly park in the whole of South Africa. This beautiful garden fosters approximately 1,000 eye-catching butterflies within its conservatory. The exotic butterflies that reside within Butterfly World hail from countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, China, and Costa Rica. On days when the sun is dazzlingly bright, the garden witnesses many of these colorful creatures come out in the open. Butterfly World also consists of a spider room filled with unique spiders and scorpions, a meerkat cell, and strolling goats and ducks.

Visit Jonkershoek Nature Reserve

Visit Jonkershoek Nature Reserve:  Tourist Places To Visit In Stellenbosch
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Nestled in the Jonkershoek Valley, the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve offers tourists with breathtaking hikes along its unending slopes. This reserve provides a 9,800-acre expanse that visitors can explore away. Wonderful birdlife graces Jonkershoek Nature Reserve, including ground woodpecker, orange-breasted sunbird, jackal buzzard, Cape bulbul, and Cape Sugarbird. Rare bird species such as fiscal flycatcher, forest canary, and southern boubou flourish in the vegetation spread along the banks of Eerste River, adding to the reserve's status as a birdwatcher's paradise.

Venture into Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens

Venture into Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens:  Tourist Places To Visit In Stellenbosch
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Forming one of the oldest botanical gardens in the country, Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens comprises Koi fish pond, Herb Garden, Japanese Garden, and three glass houses. This garden is renowned among the locals as an open-air laboratory, providing conservation, science, and recreation services. One factor attracting tourists to this site is the number of exotic plant species that prevail within the confines of this beautiful botanical garden. Situated right in the heart of the city, Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens keep amazing tourists with their splendid reserve of plant life.

Rupert Museum

Rupert Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Stellenbosch
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The Rupert Museum exhibits an exclusive assortment of artwork prepared by Anton and Huberte Rupert. This art gallery lies amidst scenic vineyards and beautiful oak plantations that occupy the rims of Eerste River. The museum showcases sculptures and paintings that depict historical and cultural events from the South African era of 1940 to 1970. Some of the famous artists who showcase their artistry at Rupert Museum include Lippy Lipshitz, Elza Dziomba, Walter Battiss, Moses Kotler, and Anton van Wouw. The museum attracts visitors from all over the globe with its intriguing artwork collection.

The Giraffe House

The Giraffe House:  Tourist Places To Visit In Stellenbosch
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The Giraffe house covers a 15-hectare expanse bounded by Stellenbosch and Klapmuts on either side. This wildlife awareness center helps create awareness among visitors on the struggles that wildlife faces. This center organizes interactive shows and talks that define the importance of wildlife conservation. Animals such as Bontebok, the Blue Duiker, and Eland attract many visitors to their hideouts. The center proudly hosts towering giraffes across its vicinity, including other showstoppers such as the Nile crocodile, falcons, kestrels, and hawks.

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