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Tourist Places To Visit In Durban

Planning A Trip To Durban? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Durban

The friendly people culture of Durban and the relaxing atmosphere of its beaches lure in tourists from all over the world. The city has a perfect mix of wildlife reserves, bird sanctuaries, bustling harbours, and state-of-the-art sports stadiums. Tourists can pick and choose whether to bask in the glory of sunshine at Durban's beachfront or to embark on an adventure into its wilderness. Even couples that come to Durban have a good time, owing to the presence of romantic gondola rides around the city's port area. Let us read on to know more about these exciting tourist places to visit when in Durban.

Bluff Nature Reserve

Bluff Nature Reserve:  Tourist Places To Visit In Durban
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The Bluff Nature Reserve forms a captivating bird sanctuary, housing water birds such as rare lesser jacana and common purple gallinule. In contrast to the concrete jungles around, this lesser known natural reservoir comprises wetlands, coastal forests, and freshwater pan. The reserve nurtures interesting species of aquatic birds such as egrets, herons, swans, ducks, and geese. The plant beds formed by the sea waters help swamp hens, coots, and Egyptian and spur-winged geese thrive amidst the marshy lands. Tourists just need to follow the marshy trail to catch a glimpse of this intriguing bird population.

Durban Botanical Gardens

Durban Botanical Gardens:  Tourist Places To Visit In Durban
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The Durban Botanical Gardens harbours interesting sites within its vicinity, such as a garden for blind people, a herbarium, a charity tea garden, and an orchid house. One of the hotspots of the gardens is the Natal Herbarium. This herbarium consists of more than 100,000 illustrations of pressed, catalogued, and dried plants that have stemmed from the KwaZulu Natal province. Durban Botanical Gardens also cultivates one of the rarest plant species in the world, a South African Cycad. Tourists are free to take up tours of the park that are guided by trained experts, who provide interesting insights.

Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve

Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve:  Tourist Places To Visit In Durban
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Located just a 15-minute drive away from the central area of Durban, Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve is a famous picnic spot for locals and tourists alike. The wilderness trails of the reserve are fascinating as they nurture a variety of animal species. Umhlanga Nature Reserve boasts of many species of birds, including fish eagles, herons, and African rails. In order to catch a glimpse of rare species such as tinker barbets, forest weavers, and robins, tourists will have to be more vigilant on their trip. Walks through this wilderness are organized by authorities at three different times of the day, aiding the tourists aptly.

Moses Mabhida Stadium

Moses Mabhida Stadium:  Tourist Places To Visit In Durban
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Named after one of South Africa's most revered freedom fighters from the Apartheid era, Moses Mabhida Stadium is one of the hotspots in the country. The mesmerizing arch formed at the pinnacle of the stadium is a result of exceptional engineering. This arch forms an adventure hub for daredevils, with Big Rush Big Swing forming one such adrenaline-pumping activity. This activity involves being suspended in mid-air while hanging at about 80 m from ground level. To cap it off, the SkyCar that plies tourists to the top of this arch also offers surreal sceneries along the way.

Beaches at the Umhlanga coast

Beaches at the Umhlanga coast:  Tourist Places To Visit In Durban
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The golden beaches that occupy the shoreline of Umhlanga provide amazing backdrops against which tourists can indulge in water sports. The waters of the Indian Ocean normally remain warm, turning apt for swimming, snorkelling, and scuba diving escapades. Tourists who wish to just relax can even lie on the beach and just soak in the rays of the sun. Some of the prime beaches that lie on this shoreline include Mount Edgecombe, Umdloti, and La Lucia. Another hotspot in this area is the Umhlanga Rocks Lighthouse, which uniquely runs without any caretaker's presence.

Take up a Zulumoon Gondola ride

Take up a Zulumoon Gondola ride:  Tourist Places To Visit In Durban
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The alluring combination of beaming lights and oceanic waters of the night is sure to sweep tourists off their feet when onboard a Zulumoon Gondola ride. Held at the Durban Point Waterfront, these trips atop a gondola offer a completely different perspective of the city. These gondolas stretch up to 8 m and can house four residents at a time. Decorated with fascinating African ethnicity, these rides allow tourists to calmly glide through canals while admiring the night sky. Comfortable cushions and knowledgeable tour guides make this trip a perfect romantic experience.

Fitzsimons Snake Park

Fitzsimons Snake Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Durban
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Located along the shoreline of Durban, Fitzsimons Snake Park houses more than 100 species of South African snakes. Some of the snake breeds that reside within this park include mambas, cobras, and puff adders. The gracious movement of these snakes, their mighty fangs, and the intricate markings on their body are truly intriguing. Along with snakes, Fitzsimons also nurtures other animal species such as crocodiles, iguanas, and tortoises. Wildlife fanatics can also learn from trained experts about the different traits of these creatures through the interactive tours offered on a daily basis.

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