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Tourist Places To Visit In Somnath

Planning A Trip To Somnath? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Somnath

Somnath is a small town situated along the coastline of Gujarat. The place is mainly famous for being a religious destination for devotees. The Somnath temple is the primary tourist attraction in the town named after its prime deity. However, there are other tourist spots in Somnath that surely give you an amazing time, worth remembering for a lifetime. Let us walk you through some of the best places to visit in Somnath.

Somnath Temple

Somnath Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Somnath
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The temple of Somnath is the primary tourist attraction. It is one of the most ancient temples in India. It’s believed that the temple was built by the Moon God, Soma, with gold and by the Sun God, Ravi, with silver. Because of its richness in the past, it attracted a lot of invaders who came to India and plundered its wealth. It was invaded not once but 17 times by different rules. Despite that, the iconic temple still stands tall, still looks glorious, and unmoved with the disastrous incidents in the past. Do not miss watching the Light and Sound show which start at 7:15 pm. The show is about making people aware of the glorious history of the temple and other religious importance of the temple. Ticket costing is INR 25 and INR 15 for children.


Location: Veraval, Somnath Mandir Road, Gujarat

Timing: 5 am to 9 pm, all days

Entry fee: No charge

Somnath Beach

Somnath Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Somnath
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Along with the world famous Somnath Temple, Somnath Beach is also on the list of many visitors who travel to this city. The beach is situated near Veraval town and gives you a rejuvenating experience when you visit it. The beauty of the beach lies in its shining waves and long stretches of gray sands. It’s a perfect opportunity for travelers to unravel here after a long day of sightseeing. You can enjoy fresh coconut water and corn available at the beach along with the famous camel ride. Sunsets are captivatingly beautiful and add a perfect touch of romance to end a great day.

Prabhas Patan Museum

Prabhas Patan Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Somnath
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The Prabhas Patan Museum is a hidden gem of Somnath located at just 15 minutes walk from Somnath Temple. The government of Gujarat has taken complete control over the museum and is managed by the Somnath trust. The museum is home to numerous remains and evidence of early Somnath temple in the form of scattered stones. The 11th-century statue of lord of fire, the holy water of the sacred rivers like St. Lawrence, and the Nile preserved in bottles are some of its highlights. Other attractions such as Torans which belong to the 12th century, inscriptions, and the stones that have fine carvings of idols like Lord Vishnu, natra bhairav, Parvati, and Uma Shankar, pillars with beautiful carvings of an apsara, etc. are worth a sight.


Location: Prabhas Patan, Gujarat

Timings: 10:30 am -  5:30 pm, all days

Entry fee: INR 5 per visitor, INR 100 for photography, INR 500 for a video camera

Triveni Sangam Temple

Triveni Sangam Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Somnath
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The confluence in Allahabad and the Panch Prayag in Uttarakhand are considered quite sacred. If anyone bathes at such spots, it is believed that they are purified from their sins and souls shall attain salvation. Similarly, Gujarat also has such a confluence of three holy rivers namely the Sarasvati, Kapila, and Hiran, within the vicinity of the Somnath temple. People who come to visit Somnath for darshan ensure to bathe in the Triveni Sangam and get themselves purified. After the holy Bath, don’t forget to pay your tribute to Gita and Laxminarayan temples that are close to the Triveni Sangam.


Location: Triveni Sangam Temple, Prabhas Patan, Somnath

Suraj Mandir

Suraj Mandir:  Tourist Places To Visit In Somnath
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The Suraj Mandir falls within close proximity of the Triveni ghats in Somnath and has temples dedicated to Surya Deva. It may not be as grand as the Konark Sun Temple and the Modhera Sun Temple, nevertheless, it still has beautifully carved pillars. Presently, the temple is not in the best shape, but it still stands tall and tells us about the glorious history when Surya Deva was adored and worshipped with fervor.


Location: Somnath, Gujarat

Sasan Gir National Park

Sasan Gir National Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Somnath
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After you have paid homage to all temples in Somnath, it’s time now to enter into the excitement and thrill. Sasan Gir National Park located just about 50 km from Somnath is a major tourist attraction for wildlife lovers. Here, you get an opportunity to come face-to-face with the King of the Jungle, Lion. The sanctuary is the only home to many Asiatic Lions, rare species, and reptiles. A jeep safari will take you to a tour of excitement and you will be mesmerized with the beauty of animal kingdom.


Location: Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, Gir, Gujarat

The Island of Una — Diu

The Island of Una — Diu:  Tourist Places To Visit In Somnath
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Located at a driving distance of 80 km, Diu is a great tourist spot for many travelers. After various religious sightings at Somnath, people going back home, usually stop here for a day or two to visit the beaches in Diu. There are numerous beaches here but the Nagwa beach is voted the best and most frequented by hordes of tourists. Diu was once a Portuguese stronghold and therefore there are many forts built during colonialism. You can also visit the Museum and St. Paul’s Church. Diu is a perfect place to get rid of your weariness after all the travel; and refresh yourself on the beach before you wind up your trip.

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