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Tourist Places To Visit In Narkanda

Planning A Trip To Narkanda? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Narkanda

Narkanda is located at a higher altitude than Shimla, which makes it even colder and offers breathtaking landscapes. Narkanda is also home to a number of apple orchards and serves as a transit point on the Hindustan-Tibet road. The small town is an apple trading center and has various places to explore. Beautiful lakes, temples and widespread apple orchards are the highlight of this town. Some of the major attractions are the magnificent view from the Hatu Peak, the pious Mahamaya Temple and the Jor Bagh campsite.


Browse through our list of tourist places to visit in Narkanda, and put them on your list before visiting the beautiful town of Narkanda.

Hatu Peak

Hatu Peak:  Tourist Places To Visit In Narkanda
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Considered to be one of the highest points in Narkanda, Hatu Peak offers excellent views of snow capped mountains, covered in fog. If trekking is something you enjoy, going up to the Hatu peak is a wonderful hike. The upward ascent is almost 7 km, with undulating terrain and beautiful fauna growing on the hill. This is an ideal climb for nature lovers as it is quite secluded from civilization, but really close to nature. Once you reach the top, you can get views of the Shrikhand Mahadev peaks and visit the Hatu Mata Temple, which is quite a famous temple among the localities and holds a lot of religious significance.

Tani Jubbar

Tani Jubbar:  Tourist Places To Visit In Narkanda
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The Tani Jubbar Lake is an artificial lake in Narkanda that has an oval shape and shallow water. The lake is surrounded by beautiful pine trees from all corners, giving it an excellent look and making it an apt place to sit down and have a picnic with your family and friends. Take a glimpse of the mesmerizing beauty around you from the lookout point or simply set up camp at a clearing near the lake to watch dazzling stars at night, either ways, this lake will make sure you have had your fill of nature’s beauty.

Stokes Farm

Stokes Farm:  Tourist Places To Visit In Narkanda
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Himachal Pradesh is known for its beautiful apple orchards and Narkanda is famous for the cultivation of these apples. Located at a distance of 14 km from Narkanda, The Stokes Farm is an apple farm started by Samuel Stokes in 1916. This farm was started in order to provide more employment for various locals, especially women. Different varieties of wines and jam is manufactured in this farm, making it one of the must see attractions of Narkanda.

Mahamaya Temple

Mahamaya Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Narkanda
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Need to attain some peace of mind from the stressful city life? Visit the Mahamaya Temple in the beautiful hamlet of Kacheri and practice some meditation techniques with the ‘sadhus’. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali and provides devotees with an austere environment to meditate and attain peace. Situated amidst the gigantic Himalayas, this majestic hilltop comes with a magnificent view of apple orchards and an ambience which is absolutely tranquil. The green coniferous forests, pleasant weather and the red apple orchards make the Mahamaya Temple area very serene.

Meena Bagh Ratnari

Meena Bagh Ratnari:  Tourist Places To Visit In Narkanda
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Meena Bagh Ratnari is an apple orchard resort, that is eco friendly and a perfect mix of village and nature tourism. It is situated amidst apple orchards and cherry plantations. The Ratnari Baghi valley houses the largest production center of apples; the belt is also popular for massive cherry plantations. During springtime, flowering takes place in the orchards, making it look even more spectacular that what it already is! Along with the orchards, one can witness amazing views of the Hatu Peak from that point, which only reminds tourists how lucky they are to witness such a great site. People staying at Meena Bagh Ratnari can enjoy the serene atmosphere and enjoy nature in its most pristine form.

Jor Bagh

Jor Bagh:  Tourist Places To Visit In Narkanda
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Jor Bagh is a true delight for anyone and everyone visiting the place. Picture perfect views of the great Himalayas and an ideal campsite, makes Jor Bagh a beautiful place to visit. Almost an hour’s walk from the Hatu Temple, this region is brimming with views of tall majestc mountains, trees like blue pine, deodar, oak and spruce trees. Sit back, relax, breathe in the crisp fresh air and enjoy the surreal beauty of the area of Jor Bagh.

Jalori Pass

Jalori Pass:  Tourist Places To Visit In Narkanda
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The Jalori Pass is a little far from Narkanda at a distance of 90 km and is one of the hardest treks in Himachal Pradesh. The trek starts from Narkanda and passes through the valley of Sutllej, intersecting Luhri and Khanag. The trek to Jalori Pass is a challenging one with undulating land, steep steps, and high slopes, making it a difficult trek that has not been attempted by many. The hike is beautiful, with apple orchards on both sides, offering dazzling views for the trekker.

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