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Tourist Places To Visit In Bir

Planning A Trip To Bir? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Bir

A perfect destination for meditation, ecotourism, natural beauty and of course peace of mind is the little village in the Himachal Pradesh called Bir. Since the serenity and calmness of this quaint place is maintained, Bir is a great choice for people waiting to get out of the everyday rut and explore a much peaceful side of life. There are a number of tourist places to visit in Bir that will give you the feel of the breathtaking landscapes and the beautiful aesthetics of the place. Right from Paragliding and hand gliding at Bir Billing to visiting the well established Tibetan Colony and the numerous serene monasteries, there are quite a few tourist places to visit in this picturesque village of Bir.

Landing Site at Bir

Landing Site at Bir:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bir
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Bir is the paragliding capital of India, due to it having some of the most unique sceneries and favourable climatic conditions. Paragliders commence on an upward climb to Billing, which is 14 km from Bir and paraglide from the highest point, all the way to the landing site in Bir. The landscape that is seen throughout this journey is something that excites every nature enthusiast who indulges in this sport. The experience of flying with vultures and eagles, while treating your eyes with a view of the beautiful Dhauladhar Mountains covered in fluffy clouds, is something rare and definitely worth visiting for. The landing site at Bir is located at the edge of the Tibetan Colony in a village called Keori and is a wide ground full of lush meadows.

The Sherab Ling Monastery

The Sherab Ling Monastery:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bir
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Bir is home to some of the most beautiful monasteries in India, with the Sherab Ling Monastery being one of the biggest monasteries in this region. It is located in the Bhattu village and if you are driving from Palampur, you can even start to notice the structure from way ahead. The monastery is situated in the midst of pine forests against the Dhaladhar Mountains. This structure that was built in 1977 is now a center for 50 monks and 150 students for higher Buddhist studies. The Sherab Ling Monastery is the perfect example of Buddhist architecture with Tibetan influence, making it a must visit place for anyone going to Bir.

Bir Tea Factory

Bir Tea Factory:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bir
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More than half of the land in Bir is covered with tea plantations, making it unique from other regions in the north of India. The Bir Tea Factory is located near the main market called Bir Bazaar and allows visitors to experience, see and absorb the process of tea making. Tourists get a chance to see the whole process right from the plucking stage to the final product and its packaging. This tea factory is jointly managed by the government and the locals of the area, making it one of the most popular places to visit in Bir.

The Chokling Monastery

The Chokling Monastery:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bir
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The Chokling Monastery, also known as the Pema Ewam Chogar Gyurme Ling Monastery is located in the Bir Tibetan Colony. This monastery is the abode of Neten Chokling Rinpoche who is said to be a reincarnation of the head of Nyingma Tribe according to the Tibetan tradition. A grand stupa at the front of the monastery greets people who are visiting, making it a very popular spot for tourists.


Another attraction at this monastery is the enthralling statue of Padmasambhava, situated in the center of the main hall. This place of worship also serves as an educational center for monks and students. You can take part in ceremonies and prayers that are held inside the monastery, allowing visitors to have a firsthand glance into the culture of the region.

Tibetan Colony

Tibetan Colony:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bir
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Established in 1960, the Tibetan Colony is hub for authentic local Tibetan food and handicrafts. This place has a number of things that make it a popular attraction. Suja, which is a school for local children is situated in the Tibetan Colony and has a fully working medical dispensary. There is a manufacturing and selling unit for all Tibetan books, artwork and handicraft. This spot is also famous for selling authentic Tibetan cuisine to its visitors, which makes it one of the most frequently visited places in Bir.

Deer Park Institute

Deer Park Institute:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bir
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As a part of a project under Siddhartha’s Intent Society, The Deer Park Institute was set up in March 2006. This institute in Bir offers tourists as well as locals of the area an opportunity to learn and educate and explore the history, art and the various traditions of the Tibetan culture. The goal of this institute was to recreate one of the oldest institutes that supported Buddhist studies; the Nalanda University, which does not exist anymore. You can choose from a varied number of courses like Buddhist art, philosophy, meditation and also participate in various workshops that will enhance the quality of your life.

Dharmalaya Institute

Dharmalaya Institute:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bir
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If you are giver from the bottom of your heart and wish to help unprivileged inhabitants of the region, then Dharmalaya Institute is a must visit for you. The institute offers its visitors a great opportunity to volunteer in their premises to give a helping hand to the underprivileged locals of the area for their development. You can take part in eco-friendly construction activities, or even learn about the Tibetan culture and help in the Tibetan community. People visiting can also request for tents to accommodate themselves in the premises. 

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