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Tourist Places To Visit In Milan

Planning A Trip To Milan? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Milan

Located in northern Italy in the heart of Lombardy is Milan, a city full of style, glamour and rich heritage. Home to famous brands like Prada, Armani, Versace, the city of Milan is a crowd puller and millions every year flock to this part of the world to be a part of this culture. Countless tourist places to visit in Milan will walk you through its rich culture, cultural past and traditions in the region. From admiring the architecture of both ancient and new buildings, to visiting some of the most historically renowned places, Milan always has something in store for its visitors.


Let’s build the excitement even further! Browse through our list of places to visit in Milan and choose which ones you would like to go to.

Duomo di Milano or the Milan Cathedral

Duomo di Milano or the Milan Cathedral:  Tourist Places To Visit In Milan
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The Milan Cathedral or popularly known as Duomo de Milano, is one of the most important landmarks in Milan. Located at the center of the city, this structure has a lot of history tied to it and is often described as awe-inspiring by people who have visited. Work on this cathedral had started back in the 14th century and continued for quite a few hundred years which led to the exquisite marble interiors and the artsy stained glass windows. The exterior of the cathedral is studded with 2,245 marble statues and has 53 gigantic pillars in the interiors, making this beautiful piece of art one of the most visited tourist places.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II:  Tourist Places To Visit In Milan
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Built between 1865 and 1877 is a glass vaulted shopping complex known as the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. This complex is brimming with shops and boutiques that sell clothes and accessories from luxury brands. Apart from different shops, what makes this structure stand out is the classic Italian architecture; the immense scaled dome, artistic mosaics on the floor and blue coloured glass vaulted ceilings. Beneath the central octagon is a beautiful mosaic of the continents of America, Europe, Asia and Africa, which is a spectacular sight to see.

Santa Maria Delle Grazie

Santa Maria Delle Grazie:  Tourist Places To Visit In Milan
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If you want to build memories of Milan that you will cherish for life, the Santa Maria Delle Grazie is definitely a must visit. ‘The Last Supper’ has been duplicated several times by several people, but the original is always going to have its own charm. This beautiful painting of The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci is 4.6 meters high and 8.8 meters wide and was made using oil and tempera on a dry wall. The painting has been flaking off since the 16th century and one must go and see it before it deteriorates further.

Teatro alla Scala

Teatro alla Scala:  Tourist Places To Visit In Milan
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One of the most celebrated opera houses in Europe, The Teatro alla Scala was designed by architect Giuseppe Piermarini in a neoclassical style. Since the very first performance of “L’Europa Riconosciuta,” by Antonio Salieri, the venue has a reputation of being a premiere opera house. The crimson gold and coloured interior can be seen on the way to the museum that is established inside the structure. You can attend various operas, concerts, ballets etc and appreciate the amazing acoustics of the theater.  

Sforzesco Castle

Sforzesco Castle:  Tourist Places To Visit In Milan
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Constructed as a fortress back in the 14th century, stands the magnificent Sforzesco Castle. This structure was originally a family residence and was also a place of rest for Napoleon’s troops. But today, the Sforzesco Castle is the city’s largest exhibition complex, with the Museo d’Arte Antica, which is the Ancient Art Museum being one of the most popular and most visited places in Milan. Also, behind the castle is the largest green space in the city known as Parco Sempione, where one can enjoy a nice stroll and some fresh air.

QC Termemilano

QC Termemilano:  Tourist Places To Visit In Milan
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Housed inside a former tram depot, is the lavish QC Termemilano. It is at this spot in Porta Romana where you can enjoy several spas and saunas in an ancient tram station. The place also has a elegant tea room on the ground floor. Are you already floored? There is more to it! Make your way downstairs to the lair to see different stone rooms featuring warm baths, geyser pools, Jacuzzi waterfalls and so much more. The feel of being in a warm Bath with bubbles, surrounded by Roman ruins, is absolutely unique!


Isola:  Tourist Places To Visit In Milan
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Isola, which means ‘island’ in Italian, is a neighborhood that was disconnected from the main city, but due to advanced roadways, the place is now well connected to Milan. Isola is one of the coolest neighbourhoods in Milan with shops that sell vintage items, hidden bars and absolutely amazing street art on the walls of the town. Explore the ancient town on foot to witness some of the best wall graffiti that you’ve ever seen. You can also get to see some of the graffiti work on Sundays, when the shutters of the shops are closed.

Tunnel Club

Tunnel Club:  Tourist Places To Visit In Milan
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If you are thinking of seeing what the night life in Milan is about, the Tunnel Club is a place that you must go to. The Club used to a former railway shed and is situated below the Milan’s Central Station. The Tunnel Club is a must visit for anyone who is deeply into the electronic music scene. It is an underground club and the vibe is quite different from any other regular club, but definitely a place to visit.

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