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Tourist Places To Visit In Ko Samui

Planning A Trip To Ko Samui? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Ko Samui

Koh Samui is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations of Thailand. Although it is mostly known for its exotic tropical beaches, Koh Samui is actually much more than that. The attractions of Koh Samui are varied and eclectic in nature. There is an equal balance of natural magnificence and man-made excellence, and there is an assurance that every traveller will find something of their taste here in Koh Samui.


Here are the top 8 places to visit in Koh Samui.

Angthong National Marine Park

Angthong National Marine Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ko Samui
Photograph by grandseatours.com

Angthong National Marine Park is an archipelago of 42 pristine islands in the Gulf of Thailand with towering limestone karsts, powder-white sand beaches, thick forests of mangrove, hidden coves and secret creeks and crystal blue water. It is an area protected for the endemic marine flora and fauna to prosper. You must visit this marine park on a day trip and enjoy its host of activities like hiking, snorkelling, diving, kayaking and relaxing at the beach.

Big Buddha

Big Buddha:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ko Samui
Photograph by TripAdvisor

The colossal golden Big Buddha is an iconic landmark of Koh Samui. The Buddha statue stands 12-metre high and can be seen dominating the skyline of Koh Samui from a distance. Inside the shrine, there are several smaller temples with smaller Buddha statues, but equally ornate in appearance. Along the shrine is a market from where you can shop for souvenirs, trinkets and miniscule charms.

Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks

Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ko Samui
Photograph by samuipedia

Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks, also known as Grandpa and Grandma Rocks form a pair of nature’s ultimate marvel. Nature imitates art here in this rock formation, as they perfectly form the shape of male and female genitalia, as if this was some abstract contemporary art form. This is a great place for clicking pictures with the shimmering blue of the ocean behind.

Wat Plai Laem

Wat Plai Laem:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ko Samui
Photograph by thailandtravelhub

Located near Big Buddha, this is yet another Buddhist shrine with a towering statue of the Lord. Here resides the Goddess of Mercy – Guanyin – one of the very few female manifestations of the religion. Her statue stands tall and stark white in the lake with 18 arms and a peaceful expression on her face. The temple is clearly influenced by Chinese architecture, and makes an extremely vibrant venue to spend an afternoon exploring.

Secret Buddha Garden

Secret Buddha Garden:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ko Samui
Photograph by gotothailand.com

Tucked away in the hills of inner Koh Samui, the Secret Buddha garden is home to a large number of unique and mysterious statues relating to Buddhist myths and legends. The garden was created by Nim Thongsuk, an old farmer, who started making statues and placing them here in around 1976. The forested area might be difficult to find without a map or guide, but the hunt is worth it.

Mummy Monk at Wat Khunaram

Mummy Monk at Wat Khunaram:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ko Samui
Photograph by livingnomads.com

Koh Samui is actually home to numerous resting places of mummified Buddhist monks. The most unique and celebrated one among them is the mummy of monk Luong Pordaeng who passed away in 1973, whose preserved body has sat in meditation in a display case for over 45 years now. Although the sight might be a scary one, because of the decay and putrefaction, it is also a very deep reflection of how Buddhism looks at the concept of life and death.

Chaweng Beach

Chaweng Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ko Samui
Photograph by islandinfokohsamui.com

Chaweng Beach is the major and most popular beach of Koh Samui, and it is rightfully so. It is the place to visit for the best water sports, seaside relaxation, beach games and even nightlife. From dawn to dusk to late night, Chaweng Beach caters to its thousands of visitors with an undeniable charm and an electrifying ambience.

Na Mueng Waterfalls

Na Mueng Waterfalls:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ko Samui
Photograph by viator.com

Na Mueng Waterfalls is two streams of wild, cascading water along the rocks. The first waterfall can be reached via a natural staircase created by rocks and tree roots. There is a huge pool of water at the base of the first waterfall, which is an ideal place to take a quick but adventurous plunge. Climb up for ten more minutes and you will reach the second waterfall as well.


There are more places that you can include in your itinerary. But these are some of the best places which you must-visit.

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