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Top 5 Restaurants In Goa

Planning A Trip To Goa? Our picks for the top restaurants in Goa

North Goa is a fun place - the epicentre of the party scene in Goa. It's got all the fun beaches, flea markets, wild parties, cute little beach shacks and also some great food going on! Here is our pick for the top 5 eateries in Goa! Do check them out while you are in the area.

Britto's (Baga)

Britto's (Baga):  Top 5 Restaurants In Goa
Photograph by www.flickr.com user dweekly

Britto's is one of the most popular and renowned restaurants in Goa. Owner cum chef Cajetan Britto has been pulling crowds for years with his mad renditions of the pork vindaloo, prawn curry, chicken xacuti, fish caldeen, and crab curry. Frankly though, the Continental fare is a whole lot better, with the butter-garlic prawns being a public favourite. There's always some good music going on here, and the shack is always filled with enthusiastic breakfasters, laid back brunchers and comfortable late-lunchers. That being said, you'll always find a platter of the most delectable seafood to appease your palate and soothe growly hunger pangs. Britto's is rather romantic at night with its soft candle-lit ambience, cool sea breeze, and soft music. It all pulls together to make Britto's an unforgettable Goan vacation experience. A good indicator of Britto's appeal is the fact that even the Goans themselves patronise Britto's heavily.

Lila Cafe (Baga)

Lila Cafe (Baga):  Top 5 Restaurants In Goa
Photograph by Nikita Kapoor

Nestled along the Baga creek, Lila Cafe is soothing on even the most rattled of nerves. And considering that any city in India can rattle one up after a while, we just had to put Lila Cafe on this list! With its light, airy white and green decor, wooden cane furniture and potted plants, this is an ideal place to stop over for breakfast or lunch, or just for a refreshing beverage while catching up on the latest bestseller. The restaurant is run by a German husband-wife duo Elizabeth and Fritz-Ingo Topel who have made Goa their home for the last two decades. The cafe opens for the day at 8:30 a.m. and shuts for the night at 6:00 p.m - early by Goan standards. The menu card is interestingly designed...like a tabloid that you can browse through before or as you munch your way through the very fresh, very yummy food served there. Try out the croissants, sour dough bread, pumpernickel bread, Hungarian goulash and smoked kingfish. Word is that they're the best you'll get in Goa. If you're there around lunch, try the Fried Leg of Chicken or Beef Steak with Mashed Potatoes. They also serve an assortment of German, Swiss, Continental and Mediterranean cuisines. Some of the delights on the menu include bagels, rolls, salads, soups, cheese, spaghetti, farmer's breakfast, goulash, fillet steaks, pan fried chicken, omelettes and muesli among others. The kitchen is fresh and clean, the baked breads are aromatic and there is a jewellery shop at the back for those who can't bear the wait till the food arrives.

Souza Lobo (Calangute)

Souza Lobo (Calangute):  Top 5 Restaurants In Goa
Photograph by www.flickr.com Arun Katiyar

Now here's an eatery that's as old as the hills, and can still boast of the same brilliant food, service and ambience that it started with. The ambience is great, the staff friendly, and if hearsay is to be believed, the sunsets to die for. But enough about that! Let's talk food. By their own admission, Souza Lobo specializes in Sea food and authentic Goan fare. Their Prawn Curry Rice, Masala Fried Fish and Crab are to die for. The Souza Lobo Lobster Thermidor does well with guests from all parts of the world. Two other favourites are Stuffed Avocado and Baked Crab. They also serve a great rendition of the Goan specialities: Pork Vindaloo and Pork Sorpotel. The bar is well stocked, the bartender creative, and for those who get drowsy after a hearty meal and drink, they have bed and lodging too!!

Curly's (Anjuna)

Curly's (Anjuna):  Top 5 Restaurants In Goa
Photograph by www.flickr.com user Hector Garcia

Curly's or Curlies beach shack is located at Anjuna Beach. It's a chilled out joint with a unique culture and loyal customer base. Curly's is pretty big on the party scene. The food at Curly's is memorable to say the least. Even their non-alcoholic beverages are brilliant. The restaurant serves you everything from oven fired pizzas to pasta, to seafood, to the best of Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes. Kick back with a beer here and enjoy the sight of the blue sea. We highly recommend a visit during sunset. Because Curly's is bang on the sea-face, the sunset experience in all its golden, balmy aired glory is mind-blowing.

Infantaria (Calangute)

Infantaria (Calangute):  Top 5 Restaurants In Goa
Photograph by Nikita Kapoor

Infantaria is a cute little eatery located on the Baga-Calangute beach road. It's cool, shaded interiors are a welcome relief from the cruel noon sun. Infantaria is well known for its Breakfast menu. They also have the best strawberry and blueberry doughnuts ever. The Kahlua Mousse Cake and the Chocolate Walnut Date Tart, and the Crab Xacuti are also great value for money.

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