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Most Popular Goan Food

Planning A Trip To Goa? Our sampling of the most appetizing Goan food

 Most Popular Goan Food
Photograph by www.flickr.com user ROVINGI

Goans are emotional about their drink and siesta time but they are more emotional about their food. Goan food is spicy, tangy and largely non-vegetarian. Seafood, coconut milk, rice and spices are the main ingredients of Goan cuisine. The cuisine of Goa is heavily influenced by four hundred years of Portuguese colonialism. While authentic Goan food eaten by the locals is extremely fiery, the food served on the shacks and popular restaurants is watered down to cater to the Western palate. Here is a list of the most popular items on the menu of Goan food.


Sorpotel:  Most Popular Goan Food
Photograph by Wikimedia commons user Sanfy

A Goan delicacy with pork as its main ingredient, Sorpotel is very spicy and is often called one of Goa's most famous foods. A must for meat-lovers!


Ambotik:  Most Popular Goan Food
Photograph by

A sour curry prepared with either fish or meat. Very popular with travelers to the state. Ambotik is traditionally served with steamed local rice, but can also be devoured with your bread of choice. Its tangy taste tingles your tastebuds and the meat is cooked to tenderness, reminding you of probably the best meat dish you've ever had.


Vindaloo:  Most Popular Goan Food
Photograph by www.flickr.com user JULES STONESOUP

A spicy curry whose name is derived from the Portuguese term for garlic and wine (vinho e alho) marinade.This dish is paticularly a hangover from the Portuguess colonisng days and has since evolved into this Indian-flavoured version. Again, served with piping hot steam rice, this curry can be enjoyed on its own or with breads or chapatis.

Fried Fish

Fried Fish:  Most Popular Goan Food
Photograph by www.flickr.com user rabanito

After rice, probably fish is the most popular staple of Goa. In a state that has unbroken shoreline and lots of places for fishing, seafood is abound. Fried Fish, most popularly the Pomfret, is fried with tons of spices and served hot with shredded salads, chutneys or sauces of your choice. Squeeze a quarter lemon on top of your dish and jump in!


Xacuti:  Most Popular Goan Food
Photograph by http://bongong.com/recipe/chicken-xacuti

Goan curry made with chicken or beef, cooked with roasted grated coconut and a variety of spices. The result is a mild curry with an amazing, distinctive flavour. The sweetness of coconut milk base coupled with traditional curry spices make this dish a burst of sense on your tongue. Vegetarian options are also available with assorted vegetables and tofu to replace chicken.


Bebinca:  Most Popular Goan Food
Photograph by www.flickr.com user MOJOSAURUS

For all those with a sweet tooth, don't think Goa doesn't do deserts well. Bebinca is a traditional sweet of Goa, a wonderfully textured concoction made from layer upon layer of coconut pancakes that stick together and yet feel distinct when melting in the mouth. It is served with ice-cream.


Cafrial:  Most Popular Goan Food
Photograph by https://blog.sterlingholidays.com

Usually made with chicken, the meat is marinated in a sauce of chilies, garlic and ginger and then shallow fried. The result is a dry and very fiery dish.

Goan Curry

Goan Curry:  Most Popular Goan Food
Photograph by https://www.sbs.com.au

Accompanied by good old fashioned steamed rice, Goa's Prawn/Fish curry has a very distinct sour and spicy flavor. It is also traditionally made fiery hot so make sure you have some cold water at hand!


Fenny:  Most Popular Goan Food
Photograph by https://www.startuptalks.in

If Goa does curries well, it does alcohol exceptionally well! A clear and potent brew, Fenny is one local drink which deserves due respect. It is made from either coconut or the juice of the cashew apple, extracted and fermented to a special, thick taste. Fenny is a deceptive drink and one often doesn't feel its full force until it's too late! So keep a tab on your senses while drinking.

Sol Kadi

Sol Kadi:  Most Popular Goan Food
Photograph by https://food.ndtv.com

A flavorful spicy and sour coconut and kokum fruit concoction that is eaten along with food like a curry or had as an appetizer. Usually served cold.

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