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Things To Do In Vietnam

Planning A Trip To Vietnam? Here's our list of top things to do in Vietnam

Vietnam is a south-east Asian country that continues to offer some of the best and most memorable experiences for visitors. Still relatively unknown, it has only just started becoming a tourist hotspot. From exploring the heritage limestone landscapes of Halong Bay, to the coffee plantations in Buon Ma Thuot to cruises along the exquisite Mekong Delta, there is something on offer for every visitor. Vietnam enjoys a well-balanced climate throughout the year and can be easily navigated by either road, rail or air. The Vietnamese New Year is another magical time when visitors flock to Hanoi to enjoy the magical lanterns lit along the Hoi An River. For the adventurous traveller at heart, check out some of the most engaging activities on offer in Vietnam in the article below.

Lighting lanterns in Hoi An

Lighting lanterns in Hoi An:  Things To Do In Vietnam
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During the annual Vietnamese New Year, the city of Hoi An gets transformed into a magical destination for the Lantern Festival. The brdige and river of the same name are adorned with thousands of these beautifully designed and lit lanterns that make for a truly memorable experience. Hiring a boat on the river to observe the festivities is one the best things to do in Vietnam and thousands of visitors flock here yearly to observe and enjoy the same.

Check out Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay

Check out Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay:  Things To Do In Vietnam
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These bays are home to an incredible 1600 plus limestone structures that have been periodically created through natural conditions over centuries. Ha Long Bay has been officially recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a modern natural wonder. Bai Tu Long Bay enjoys the same exquisite structures but is more remote and less frequented by tourists. A boat ride to both bays is a must for adventurers and nature lovers alike.

Cruise the Mekong Delta

Cruise the Mekong Delta:  Things To Do In Vietnam
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The Mekong River slows down on reaching Vietnam after flowing nearly 4000 km. The surrounding landscape is full of rice paddies, huts and stilted townships. Cruises and cargo boats all offer visitors a chance to explore the river and surrounding landscapes. This is a great way to take in the beauty of the delta and get an insight into the culture and lives of the rural population of Vietnam.

Check out the world’s largest cave

Check out the world’s largest cave:  Things To Do In Vietnam
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Quang Binh area is a rough district of hardly penetrable forestland in Vietnam’s narrow border with Laos. The area is swamped with bottomless caverns and is home to the largest cave in the world – Hang Son Doong. The cavern is so massive that a skyscraper could essentially fit inside. Visitors tend to flock here as exploring this epic cave is one the best things to do in Vietnam. Additionally, the surrounding jungle is gorgeous and popular for treks. There are waterfalls and incredible views on offer all around the cave.

Visit the coffee-making heartland

Visit the coffee-making heartland:  Things To Do In Vietnam
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Buon Ma Thuot in the central uplands of Vietnam, is a beautiful part of the country with enormous cascades and the old-fashioned communities of the native Ede society. However this area is also world-famous for its coffee plantations. The Trung Nguyen Coffee Company has taken over these lands and is home to some of the best coffee in the world. Enthusiasts should not miss out on a trip here as they will get the chance to sample some of the finest caffeine produce all while enjoying some stunning views of the highlands.

Go to church Vietnamese-style

Go to church Vietnamese-style:  Things To Do In Vietnam
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Tay Ninh, a bustling little town in the Mekong Delta is a highly implausible holy destination. Here, amidst the crowd is the Cao Dai Temple, created by believers of the religion Caodaism, a hybrid of Christianity and Buddhism. Visiting the church in Tay Ninh to delve into a world forgotten and experience one of the most unique religions on the planet.

Search for the best Pho in Vietnam

Search for the best Pho in Vietnam:  Things To Do In Vietnam
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Pho is the most famous dish in Vietnam, a concoction of noodles, vegetables, a soupy broth and a variety of different meats. It is extremely wholesome and satisfying. Food enthusiasts and curious visitors flock to Vietnam, the birthplace of this dish, to try and discover some of the best spots to enjoy this dish. Hanoi is said to be the best place to try this dish, especially in the fabled French Quarter of the city.

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