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Things To Do In Shimla

Planning A Trip To Shimla? Here's our list of top things to do in Shimla

Summer is just around the corner and what better way to get away from the heat than by visiting one of the best hill stations in India. Yes you got it right, it is Shimla that we are referring to. This former summer capital of India has got plenty of fun things to do and makes for the perfect holiday destination. The city is a beautiful blend of British architecture and vast expanses of natural mountains. Here are some interesting things to do in Shimla.

Toy Train Ride

Toy Train Ride:  Things To Do In Shimla
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Bring back the child in you and hop onto the exquisite ride on the Toy train covering the stretch of pine forests between Kalka and Shimla. Enjoy this UNESCO world heritage site amidst the surreal Himalayan mountains and gorgeous flora and fauna that this place has to offer.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating:  Things To Do In Shimla
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Shimla has a fair share of chills and thrills to offer. For starters there's Asia’s biggest skating rink at Lakkar Bazaar. If you are into adventure then this is where you should be! In fact, there's also an annual skating festival organised here every year. Now how cool is that?

Rafting And Hot Spring Bath At Tattapani

Rafting And Hot Spring Bath At Tattapani:  Things To Do In Shimla
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Another fabulous thing to do in Shimla is to go rafting in the pristine waters at Tattapani. It is sure to leave your senses excited and later you can sooth those nerves at the hot spring Bath located a just few kilometers away. Simply a serene way to rejuvenate.

A Walk Through The Pine Forests

A Walk Through The Pine Forests:  Things To Do In Shimla
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City folks barely get the luxury to drench themselves in a heady mix of nature and silence. If you are done with urban traffic snarls and noise, then a quiet walk at the evergreen pine forests is all you need.

A Bit Of Britain

A Bit Of Britain:  Things To Do In Shimla
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If you are intrigued by the Victorian architecture then you must definitely visit Shimla to appreciate the beautiful castles, government establishments, institutes and public space structures that draw heavily from the era. The classic beauty of the architecture makes you feel as though time has frozen.

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