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Things To Do In Patnitop

Planning A Trip To Patnitop? Here's our list of top things to do in Patnitop

Patnitop, also known as ‘Patan da Talaab’ meaning pond of the princess, is a hill station that is bestowed with abundant beauty for the eyes to capture. This peaceful place is full of clear blue water, valleys and rivers, snow covered mountains that are massive, and landscapes that are adorned with pine groves that are old, but still stand tall. If you are going to this beautiful hill station to visit, the tourist inside you is bound to turn into a traveler. Although Patnitop is a small hill station, it has so much to explore and discover; so much so that you would never want to leave. From relaxing strolls in the arms of nature to the serenity of temples at high altitudes, here are some of the things to do in Patnitop.


Trekking:  Things To Do In Patnitop
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Have an urge to explore the quaint hill station of Patnitop on foot, while taking in the splendid beauty of nature? Then trekking might just be the sport for you. There are a few trekking spots in Patnitop, that will mesmerize you and leave you wanting for more. Whether you are a keen devotee of Lord Shiva or a nature enthusiast, a trek to Shiva Garh is something you need to check off of your list while in Patnitop.


From rocky terrain, crystal clear valleys to a variety of birds, animals and insects, while trekking on this path, one can witness the true beauty of nature. Another beautiful trek from Patnitop is the one that leads to Sudh Mahadev, where you may be able to see an endangered species of vultures that live close to the Shiva Garh ridge. This trek is a day long one and has a defined trail with water easily available all along the way.


Skiing:  Things To Do In Patnitop
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Skiing tops the to-do list and definitely is the most popular and enjoyable adventure sport in Patnitop. The sport of skiing is limited to the winter months, when the beautiful hill station is covered in a blanket of snow. The gentle snow ridden slopes of Madhatop, located 5-6 km from Sanasar Road, provide a wonderful skiing experience for beginners as well as professional skiers. This spot overlooks the Chenab River, which is a spectacular sight to enjoy with your friends and family. Don’t worry if you don’t have the necessary gear to ski, as you can find a number of shops selling skiing equipment on your way to Madhatop.


Paragliding:  Things To Do In Patnitop
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Do you want to witness an aerial view of the beauty of this spectacular hill top and be one with the mountains that stand so tall? Well, you can experience the thrill of flying by engaging in paragliding. You can trek a small distance by climbing 250 steps of Billoo ki Powri and reach Dawariyai, which is called the ‘gateway’ point. Once up there, you can start paragliding; you can either go solo or choose to fly with a trained expert. Once you take off from Dawariyai, there is nothing more satisfying than floating in the air in the midst of snow capped mountains, clouds and cool breeze in your hair. You can enjoy this beautiful scenery for almost 7-8 minutes before landing at Kud.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding:  Things To Do In Patnitop
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If you travelling with family, especially children, horse or pony riding can be a real fun experience. If travelling by foot seems tedious, a horseback ride can be very relaxing. You can witness the different scenic views of the hill station while riding up the rocky terrain. You do not have to know how to ride a horse, as there are locals who own horses and take you around the place. The rates are quite reasonable and it is the bread and butter of many locals in the area. Soothing thick greenery and uneven uphill paths on a horseback is not only fun but an experience to remember.

Go on a Pilgrimage

Go on a Pilgrimage:  Things To Do In Patnitop
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There are quite a few temples in this heavenly highland. Guari Kund, located about 43 km from Patnitop is a holy place that attracts pilgrims from all over the country. This place attracts devotees who travel to the destination for a 3 day festival in June to take a dip in the ice- cold water of the Dewaki Nadi. Lying on the banks of Dewaki Nadi is Sudh Mahadev, a temple of prominent religious significance. The quaintness of this temple and the atmosphere casts a spell on you which is absolutely magical. If you are a worshipper of the serpent deity, the Naag Mandir is worth visiting. The locals and the tourists who have been there narrate stories of miracles taking place after their pilgrimage at the temple.

Nature Walks

Nature Walks:  Things To Do In Patnitop
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A stroll in the beautiful pine forests of Patnitop while observing birds of different kinds, flowers of different colors and breathing fresh air, can be quite relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. Every nature trail in this beautiful ascent leads to a breathtaking landscape. Enjoy a lazy stroll or even a picnic with your loved ones at the Kud Park, where one can see bright flowers that are unique in their shapes and sizes. A true treat for your eyes, Patnitop has some of the most amazing sceneries, especially whilst travelling on foot. So, just carry a bag pack and start walking to discover the untouched sceneries of sky reaching mountains, clear valleys and thick coniferous forests.

Eat Delicious Food

Eat Delicious Food:  Things To Do In Patnitop
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Patnitop has something for everyone! The place even appeals to the foodie in you and is popular for delicious food at reasonable prices. Be it Chinese, South Indian, North Indian, your taste buds can enjoy a variety of cuisines. Some of the specialties of the hill station are Chocolate Barfi, Patisa, Sund Panjeera and Rice Kalaadi, along with a wide variety of pickles like mango, potato, kasrod and many others. Also, once you reach Nathatop, you can find vendors selling street food like Golgappas and various snacks along with tea and coffee. Hotel Shivalik and Bistro are some of the famous places to eat good food for a good price.

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