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Things To Do In Amsterdam

Planning A Trip To Amsterdam? Here's our list of top things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital of that country where people eat chocolate for breakfast! Imagine the things you could do in Amsterdam! Already perfect for a holiday, isn’t it? 


What sweetens the deal is the series of museums and churches, parks and palaces that enrich Amsterdam. If that’s still not enough then the city is cut through with breath-taking canals that anchor houseboats as well as vessels and gondolas like the good ol’ Venice. You are welcome to take cruises down these canals, spend your afternoons in coffee houses eating waffles, go cycling around town or just take a round of the tulip gardens. Amsterdam is your oyster.

Explore the Jordaan District

Explore the Jordaan District:  Things To Do In Amsterdam
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The Jordaan district is a beautiful grid of streets and canals that depict the true spirit of Amsterdam. The streets are cut through with the Singel Canal and were created in the 17th Century while the city was being expanded. It became the base for the working class of Amsterdam, as well as the artists and immigrants that came from France, England etc seeking religious asylum. Today it is a coveted nightlife as well as shopping destination and there are some beautiful cafes and galleries to keep you awed through the day. You must visit Noordermarkt, which is an organic farmer’s market and enjoy walking through the tiny houses that this area is known for.

Go for Cruises in Canals

Go for Cruises in Canals:  Things To Do In Amsterdam
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You’d think, what a cliche! And yet, nobody comes to Amsterdam and does not take a canal cruise. There is a reason this city is called the Venice of the North. With its 150+ canals that criss cross through the city’s neighbourhoods and 1000+ footbridges, cruises on boats or gondolas are the best way to go sightseeing. You can take a day cruise or night cruise, go around the Canal Ring (UNESCO World Heritage) or Jordon District, see houseboats and churches and cute little Dutch houses. There are pizza cruises where you get freshly made pizzas on your ride and these are quite the rage currently.

Experience Heineken!

Experience Heineken!:  Things To Do In Amsterdam
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Who doesn’t know Heineken? But few know that the famous beer originated in Holland and is produced by a Dutch brewery that brewed this drink in its Amsterdam factory. When the factory moved from the De Pijp back in 1980s, the building became a museum and the four floors became a haven for beer lovers - Heineken Experience. Here you shall learn about the brand’s history, see the artefacts like the first set of copper vessels in which the yeast developed into this beloved beer, and take a 4D ride to experience how the brew is made and bottled.


Your trip will be nicely rounded with a lounge and tasting bar, so what’t not to enjoy here?

Cycle around the City

Cycle around the City:  Things To Do In Amsterdam
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The Dutch love their bikes, and they get around usually by cycling. Even sometimes when they are going from one city to another! So when in Dutch land, do as the Dutch do, and rent a bike to go around Amsterdam. Since most old streets are too small for cars anyway, they are dedicated to cyclists and pedestrians so you are absolutely safe. Special cycling tours are also arranged around town that take you through the Museum Quarter and some pretty scenic canals.

Roll in Tulips

Roll in Tulips:  Things To Do In Amsterdam
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If you didn’t see the tulips in Amsterdam, did you even go to Amsterdam? If you are in Amsterdam during the spring season, and even early summer, do make it a point to visit Keukenhof, also known as the famous Dutch Flower Gardens where rolling plains of bright Tulip bulbs fill the space and the air is perfumed with their fragrance. Reds and pinks and yellows and whites, all are strewn in neat rows as far as the eye can see. There are also rows and rows of carnations, lilies, roses, orchids, daffodils and hyacinths to be found here, and the best time to visit is in the month of April, when the Flower Parade is held.

Visit an Erotic Theatre

Visit an Erotic Theatre:  Things To Do In Amsterdam
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You read it right, Amsterdam is known for Europe’s most famous erotic theatre - Casa Rosso, located in the Red Light District of the city. It goes without saying that it’s only for adults (above 18), and this club/theatre puts up some pretty amazing shows. This club has a capacity of 180 and you can book your tickets online too. The aura in the theatre is very arousing, with red velvet chairs and loungers, a full bar, poles for dancing and striptease stages. There are some S&M shows also put up regularly. 


This is a perfect place for bachelor/bachelorette parties, stag nights and fun time out with friends.

See a Houseboat Museum

See a Houseboat Museum:  Things To Do In Amsterdam
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Yes, there is a museum in a houseboat in Amsterdam. Now these houseboats have been used to live by people in the last couple of decades but what gave the founder of this museum the idea was the uniqueness of his own living arrangements and foreigners’ fascination with it. Vincent van Loon built himself a houseboat back in 1989 and found that tourists crashed his birthday parties to check out the house. This led him to buy the Hendrika Marina boat and refurbish it with all its World War artefacts and history and woe and behold! It is one of the most coveted things to enjoy today.

Marvel around Museum Quarter

Marvel around Museum Quarter:  Things To Do In Amsterdam
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So the good thing in this city of museums is that most of its significant museums are located around one town square. This area is called Museumplein and is located to the south of Leideplein. Most buildings around are baroque 19th century delights, either galleries or museums. Spend a day here, roaming around Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art. There is also some good shopping down the the street and brands for leather, apparel and even diamonds. There is also an ice rink that freezes for the winter and the famous Vondelpark nearby where you can relax with a basket of lunch after a tiring day.

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