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Sikkim Food

Planning A Trip To Sikkim? Here's a Gist of Popular Sikkim Food

Rice and Maize along with stable lentils makes up the diet of Sikkim. A pastiche of Indian, Tibetan, Nepalese and Chinese cuisine can be easily found in Sikkim. The traditional and local entrees are all noodle based. The spread composes Chowmein, Thukpa, Fakthu, Thanthuk, Wonton and Gyathuk. The food in Sikkim is highly flavourful and very comforting, bringing much needed heat back to freezing bones. Let's see a few of Sikkim's best.


Momos:  Sikkim Food
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Momos are steamed dumplings stuffed with vegetables and meat. They are immensely popular in Sikkim. Momos are considered as one of the traditional delicacies. They are served with soup and whipped chilli sauce.


Beverages:  Sikkim Food
Photograph by Nikita Kapoor

To add a hint of ambrosial flavour, Sikkimese people do not mind sipping liquor. Raksi is a localized homemade drink made out of Rice, however it is very difficult to find. It gives you a mild kick with its tepid taste.


Chaang is a local beer widely available in Sikkim. There are assorted varieties of Chaang depending upon the quality of Rice used to brew it. Kodo Ko Chaang is also a localized beer brewed from Millet (Raagi).

Traditional Entrees

Traditional Entrees:  Sikkim Food
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Sikkimese cuisine is said to have a subtle and subdued flavour as compared to the other highly seasoned and piquant Indian cuisines. You can feast on some ancestral and customary delicacies like Pork Gyari, Churpi or Pork Ping.


Pork Gyari - A curry style Pork and Beef steak.


Dallae Khursani Chillies with Pork Phing - A highly seasoned glass noodle soup which contains Pork and Beef.


Niguru with Churpi - Cottage cheese cooked with fiddleheads and pickled carrots and cucumber.


As you tread towards North, modernization takes a back seat and all you can view is natural, undefiled and scenic beauty. Due to the remoteness and aloofness of the northern territory of Sikkim, the menu is limited. Restaurants and boarding houses prepare local delicacies similar to every household in the village.

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