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Shopping In Delhi

Planning A Trip To Delhi? Here are some of the most popular areas for shopping in Delhi

Delhi has everything that a world class shopper can ever ask for. From the high-end shopping malls to the tiniest stall on the street, you can never run out of options while you go shopping in Delhi. From Sarojini Nagar to Connaught Place, Janpath Marg and Chandni Chowk to Khan Market, you will shop till you drop in Delhi streets.

Connaught Place

Connaught Place:  Shopping In Delhi
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Connaught Place is the heart of shopping in Delhi. This place is designed in a concentric circular format that hosts a hub of entertainment and lifestyle shopping in its centre. You can find the most exclusive brand outlets in this area and can experience some of the best crowds in Delhi. The area has an underground passage right across the concentric circle that is crowded with a horde of tiny shopping stalls. These stalls are more than famous for their products which are highly nominal in price. The quality and the variety are none like other markets in Delhi. But if you are visiting Connaught place for the first time, you have to be careful from the pickpockets, tourist touts and the right pricing. To take a break from your exhaustive shopping trip for a coffee or some quick snack, the area will not disappoint you as it is equipped with many fast food restaurants, juice centres and coffee shops. You can find a McDonalds, KFC and Costa Coffee within the diameter of Connaught Place.

Sarojini Nagar

Sarojini Nagar:  Shopping In Delhi
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Been regarded as one of the cheapest and the most crowded of all markets in Delhi, Sarojini market takes the crown when it comes to budget shopping. The market will take you an entire day to explore and offers everything that you will ever need to buy. It is a good one stop shop for buying, apparel, footwear, home décor items, kids related items, home furnishings, etc. The shops are small and are situated in every crooked bit of a place imaginable. The crowd might be a challenge, if you are visiting for the first time. But the quality and the rates that you get in Sarojini market are found nowhere in and around New Delhi. Customers often remark that a Rs.250 product can be purchased for as low as Rs.50 if one knows to bargain with all his might. So be a sport and step into the busiest and the most jacked market in Delhi.

Janpath Marg

Janpath Marg:  Shopping In Delhi
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The Janpath market that is located on Janpath marg is the place to be for bargain shopping. Shops have flocked the roadside pavements of the area and offer a great variety of Indian apparel and accessories. These shops are renowned for their Kashmiri shops and local India fare. Be sure to check what you buy before paying the price.

Greater Kailash M-Block

Greater Kailash M-Block:  Shopping In Delhi
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Always shopper clad, this shopping market located in South Delhi is situated in Greater Kailash. While the locality will blow you away with the plush architectural bungalows on the front, its M-block has transformed into a popular shopping hotspot for the locals. The market has some well known international brand boutiques and lifestyle stores. This market provides the tourist an experience to shop with the locals in true Dilli style.

Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk:  Shopping In Delhi
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The place in old Delhi called Chandni Chowk is famous for many markets that find their presence within the area. It is said to be built during the Mughal era by Emperor Shahjahan’s daughter - Jahanara. This place represents the charm of old world Delhi and the spirit is still survived within the walls of Chandni Chowk. The many markets enshrined within were set up during the ancient times and have known to survive almost three centuries. They include Kathra Neel for cloth, Chawri Bazaar for paper and stationery,  Bhagirath Palace for electronics, Dariba Kalan for jewellery and many others too. It is the only ethnic market situated in Delhi that is carefully preserved by its people.

Khan Market

Khan Market:  Shopping In Delhi
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This U-shaped market situated close to India Gate is the most upscale shopping destination in Delhi. Frequented by Delhi’s elite and fashion conscious, Khan market offers some of the best global brands for apparel, sunglasses, footwear, cosmetics and home décor. Khan market is also famous for gourmet groceries, bookstores and custom-tailoring boutiques. The market gets extremely crowded on Saturdays and remains closed on Sundays.

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