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Food Of Delhi

Planning A Trip To Delhi? Our Sampling of the Most Appetizing North Indian Food

Delhi Food | North Indian Food

Delhi Food | North Indian Food:  Food Of Delhi
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From Chandni Chowk’s sweet delights to New Delhi’s spicy twisters, from filling bhatura’s to refreshing gol gappas, Delhi has it all to leave your tongues wanting for more! It is indeed true that those who have tasted the Delhi flavor find it difficult to satisfy their taste buds elsewhere! From gol gappe to butter chicken, gulab jamun to rabdi falooda to kebabs and cholle, food of Delhi will leave you asking for more.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun:  Food Of Delhi
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A very popular north Indian sweet, Gulab Jamun is a must when you’re trying out sweets in Delhi. Dough made from freshly curdled milk along with khoya, sugar and ghee is fried at low temperature. Once golden brown, they are soaked in sugar syrup. They can be easily prepared at home. Otherwise, they are also available at sweet shops.

Stuffed Paratha

Stuffed Paratha:  Food Of Delhi
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Popular nooks and corners of Delhi are now loaded with vast varieties of Parathas ranging from Aloo Paratha, Gobi Paratha, Matar Paratha, Mix-vegetable Paratha, Chilli Paratha, etc. They are made of wheat flour exactly the way chapatis are made; the only difference being the stuffing. These parathas are smothered with butter and are served with pickles or curd.

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken:  Food Of Delhi
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This mouthwatering Punjabi specialty is marinated overnight in yogurt and then cooked delicately in Indian spices and ingredients like ginger, garlic, pepper, coriander, turmeric, chilly, cumin seeds, lemon, fenugreek, cloves, fresh cream, and much more that adds on to the flavor. The chicken is generally cooked in tandoor but it can also be grilled or roasted.

While you’re in Delhi and wish to relish north Indian delicacies, this ultimate non-veg treat can give you a super refreshing start. Garnished with lots of butter, it can be enjoyed with naan/butter roti, rumali roti or plain rice. 

Rabdi Falooda

Rabdi Falooda:  Food Of Delhi
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When you’ve had enough of chatpata food in Delhi, it’s time for you to savour Rabdi Falooda. A thick drink which consists of vermicelli noodles (falooda) it is served with Kulfi or rabri. Rabri is basically made of boiled milk, fresh cream, nuts, sugar, cardamom, and kesar. This rabri mixture is scooped right on the top of a glass full of falooda and is further topped with crushed ice.

Gol Gappa

Gol Gappa:  Food Of Delhi
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The famous street food of India, in some states, it is also popular as Panipuri. A hollow sphere of fried wheat or suji, it is stuffed with boiled potato and tamarind and is finally served with spicy water. The sphere bursts into your mouth as soon as you eat it. All popular street markets (even the not so popular ones) in Delhi feature at least one stall of Gol Gappa if not more.

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji:  Food Of Delhi
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You cannot afford to give a miss to this light, delicious and spicy delight. Vegetables are boiled and turned into an almost creamy gravy which is served with buns, butter, salad and chutney.

Shahi Paneer

Shahi Paneer:  Food Of Delhi
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When non-vegetarians enjoy their piping hot Butter Chicken, the vegetarians secretly order Shahi Paneer. So that’s their substitute for Butter Chicken. Cooked in tomato puree with lot of Indian spices and ingredients, Shahi Paneer also has equal amount of fresh cream in it which gives it a soft orange color and a creamy flavor. It is enjoyed the most with Naan/Rumali Roti.


Kebabs:  Food Of Delhi
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Every Delhi foodie would know what this is and where to find the most tempting ones in Delhi area. From small street side shops to popular hotels, everyone serves them in different shapes, sizes and tastes. The origin of these skewered meals can be traced back to the middle-east. They are cooked and grilled over flames on a rod. They can be both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian. After having grilled, they are then served with lemons, onions, and chutney.

Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature:  Food Of Delhi
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In Delhi and you have not been able to grab your plate of Chole Bhature yet? Well, it’s time for you to get your share in the pie! Everywhere in Delhi you’ll find vendors selling Chole Bhature now-a-days; though only selected ones are worth your penny.  This one is another Punjabi delight and is spicy in flavor. Chole are the chick peas and they are made in a cooker by adding different Indian spices (masalas) to it. The bhature are made by mixing a small portion of yeast or baking powder along with maida flour and water. The dough made of maida flour is then processed like chapatis and is fried until golden brown as shown in the picture. Both Chole and Bhature are served hot with onions and mint chutney.

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