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Nepal Weather And Best Time To Visit Nepal

Planning A Trip To Nepal? Here's a snapshot of Nepal weather and the best time to visit Nepal

Nepal, one of India’s closest neighbor and ally, is primarily a tropical South Asian country that also sees climate conditions comparable to that of India. Nepal can ideally be divided into the Northern and Southern regions; the northern high altitude region sees harsh winters and cooler summers, while the southern area bordering India witnesses immensely hot summer months with placid winters. While there are enough reasons to visit Nepal all year round, the spring and autumn months may be considered some of the best times to vacation in Nepal. From thrill seekers to peace-loving nature enthusiasts alike, there’s a little something for everyone to explore in this versatile nation.


Take a few tips from the weather guide outlined below to know which time is best suited for you and your next holiday in Nepal.

Autumn (October-November)

Autumn (October-November):  Nepal Weather And Best Time To Visit Nepal
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If you are a trekking and hiking aficionado, autumn is the best time for you to take a trip to Nepal. With bright sunny days and magnificent views of the hills and countryside, you will have plenty of camera-worthy moments to brag about back home.


Because it is peak season during these months, be prepared to encounter inflated accommodation rates and crowded marketplaces and trekking trails. But don’t let that deter you from traveling up here and enjoying this stunning land in its finest season. This post-monsoon season gives rise to a pleasantly dry weather and brilliant clear skies, especially during night time, which will prove to be a blissful experience for star-gazers. 

Winter (December-February)

Winter (December-February):  Nepal Weather And Best Time To Visit Nepal
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Winter months in Nepal get extremely chilly during the night, with temperatures dipping to -10ᴼC sometimes, but the days are still pleasant and sunny enough for you to enjoy a quiet walk among the scenic landscapes, shop for Nepalese handicraft in Kathmandu’s bargain markets, or simply cozy up with your loved ones in front of a fireplace.


If you’re looking for a little more outdoor action, take a trip to Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park, and marvel at the numerous species of birds and animals like rhinos, tigers and elephants. While it gets colder as you move to higher altitudes, the plains and valleys still maintain a mild range of 2-20ᴼC.

Spring (March-May)

Spring (March-May):  Nepal Weather And Best Time To Visit Nepal
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Springtime is the second-best season to spend your time in Nepal, especially if you’re looking for a clean weather to enjoy activities like paragliding, mountain-climbing and hiking. You can also look forward to experiencing the colorful festival of Holi and celebrating the merriment of Nepali New Year in the months of March and April respectively. If you are feeling a tad feisty, try a private airplane or helicopter ride over the hilly terrain and magnificent mountain ranges.


Spring in Nepal is also widely known for its rhododendron blooms and exotic wild orchids that attract nature lovers from all over the world.

Summer/Monsoon (June-September)

Summer/Monsoon (June-September):  Nepal Weather And Best Time To Visit Nepal
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These months oscillate between seeing some sweltering days in the early days of June, alternated with intense and torrential rainfall that averages around 1600 mm annually all through to the end of August. The heaviest precipitation is observed in Pokhara that can reach levels of up to 3345 mm every year.   


It is not advisable to explore trekking options in this season, but there is still a lot to experience in towns like Mustang, that see little to no rainfall, and Dolpo, a remote area of Nepal that remains largely pristine in terms of visitors, making it ideal for people seeking to experience nature in its purest form.


On especially hot days that don’t see much rain, you can choose to keep cool by trying out the sport of river-rafting that has grown quite popular in the country. Make sure to take umbrellas wherever you go and wear light, loose but full clothes to protect you from insects and leeches that are abundant in certain areas.

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