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Leh Weather And Best Time To Visit Leh

Planning A Trip To Leh? Here's a snapshot of Leh weather and the best time to visit Leh

A trip to Leh can be a magical experience. The dream-like landscape has peaks soaring to the blue skies and valleys that gush with sparkling water. For a perfect experience, it is important to understand the weather conditions in Leh and plan your trip accordingly. Most say summer months are the best time to visit Leh while adventure lovers would recommend a trip during winters. 

Summer (April to July)

Summer (April to July):  Leh Weather And Best Time To Visit Leh
Photograph by http://www.thelandofsnows.com

The summer offers perfect temperatures and Leh is bustling with activity this time of the year. The initial months are a little rough given that the roads are not at their best with the heavy winter snows having caused quite a havoc in their wake. The Manali-Leh highway is only fully operational in June. But the rest of Leh is very pleasant and inviting during the season. There might be the rare snow slides and sometimes the melting snow can cause too much water on the highways, but it is a short-lived problem. Business is in full swing so finding hotels and other services won’t be a problem. This is when a lot of festivals commence in Leh and Ladakh, setting the mood for fun and celebration.

Monsoons (August to September)

Monsoons (August to September):  Leh Weather And Best Time To Visit Leh
Photograph by http://3.bp.blogspot.com

Although Leh is a rain shadow area, it receives intermittent rainfall during these months. Traveling to Leh during this time of the year can be somewhat tricky. The water crossing areas can be trying at times and there is also the risk of landslides. But if already in Leh, this can be a pleasant time.

Autumn (October to Mid-November)

Autumn (October to Mid-November):  Leh Weather And Best Time To Visit Leh
Photograph by http://cdn.neonsky.com

This is probably the best time to catch Leh in all its myriad hues. The roads are at their best so traveling to Leh becomes much easier. Numerous activities to pursue around this time, for instance, the Raid-de-Himalayas Rally. For bikers wanting to complete the full circuit from Srinagar to Manali, this is the perfect time of the year. The sky and waters are a soothing blue with some valley regions covered by a coat of lush green.

Winter (Mid-November to March)

Winter (Mid-November to March):  Leh Weather And Best Time To Visit Leh
Photograph by http://www.kailashexpeditions.com

By the end of November, the temperatures drop drastically and reach sub-zero conditions. Tourists usually leave before the cold really sets in leaving Leh deserted and quiet. The roads are closed by the heavy snowfall. Water in the valley freezes and life turns somewhat hard. Yet, a handful of adventure tourists make their way to Leh to maraud over the ancient trade route over the frozen Zanskar river, now famously known as the Chadar Trek.

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