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Hue Weather And Best Time To Visit Hue

Planning A Trip To Hue? Here's a snapshot of Hue weather and the best time to visit Hue

The ancient city of Hue continues to draw visitors due to its incredibly rich and diverse history. Having had majority of the city’s most prominent structures destroyed during the war, the city still stands as a symbol of Vietnam’s fortitude and strength. Today, it is a popular tourist spot due to its recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage City. The two main seasons are the dry and monsoon seasons.


The most ideal time to visit Hue is between January and April, with a pleasant average temperature of 20°C to 24°C. Rainfall during these months is periodic and light. The dry season is favoured by tourists but the weather in Hue can get quite dry and hot. Annual festivities such as the Tet and Hue Festival are also celebrated during this period.

Dry Season (March - August)

Dry Season (March - August):  Hue Weather And Best Time To Visit Hue
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This is the best period to visit Hue. However, it is important to note that it is one of hottest cities in the country due to its months due to its geographic location in Central Vietnam and the warm South-westerly breeze from Laos. The hottest months are May and August, where temperatures can reach a scorching 40°C. Additionally, there is reduced humidity and rainfall. The surrounding atmosphere can become quite dry. Visitors are requested to stay hydrated and dress accordingly. Lastly, the city becomes quite busy and hectic due to a massive influx of both local and international tourists.

Monsoon Season (September - December)

Monsoon Season (September - December):  Hue Weather And Best Time To Visit Hue
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The rainy or monsoon season is from September to December, characterized by high rainfall and increased humidity. Unlike the other Vietnamese cities that experience periodic showers, Hue experiences longer and more intense rainfall. Additionally, this is the tourist off-season and accommodation costs also reduce during this period. Temperatures reduce to approximately 19.7° C. October and November are the dampest months and it is not recommended to travel here during this time due to low visibility.

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