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How To Reach Germany

Planning A Trip To Germany? Here are some guidelines on how to reach Germany

The world equates Germany to World War and the Nazis, also to some extent the tragedy of Berlin Wall. But what most people fail to realise is that Germany was one of the first lands to become a nation back in the day, under the Chancellor Bismarck. Germany is home to some of the world’s most ancient museums, palaces and libraries. And the Germans are a very good-hearted, albeit a bit stern people. Located in west-Europe, Germany is filled with natural wonders of rivers, hills, forests and beaches, and is also home to uber cities like Frankfurt. So what are you waiting for? Here’s a little snippet to show you how to reach Germany for your next holiday.

By Air

By Air:  How To Reach Germany
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Germany is a major business hub for industries like printing, automobile, confectionaries etc. And hence boasts of many great international airports peppered around its cities - Berlin-Tegel, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf etc. From India, you have many flights to Germany on a daily basis from Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Bangalore. Some of the best airlines on these routes include Air India, Etihad, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa, Jet etc. One stop flights are the most common. 


In Germany, you will find airlines like Lufthansa (Germany’s largest), Air Berlin etc to fly you across the country.

By Road

By Road:  How To Reach Germany
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Germany is an EU nation and hence crossing borders isn’t much of a task from neighbouring countries. You can hire a car or drive a rental yourself with relevant papers, visas and international driving licence in place. Otherwise, buses also ply to Germany from various cities like Amsterdam, Vienna, Budapest, Paris etc to name a few. Eurolines buses are well known and trusted and they sell tickets from most countries on ground as well as online.

By Rail

By Rail:  How To Reach Germany
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Germany is wired with a very intricate network of rail lines and also connects well to the neighbouring countries. The trains are mostly operated by Deutsche Bahn or DB service and you can easily travel to Germany from countries like Denmark, Czech Republic, France, Austria, Switzerland, Poland etc. The other option is the Euro City or EC trains. For intercity travel in Germany, you have better high speed trains like the ICE that run between Cologne, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt, as well as ones that travel to Paris in 4 hours.

By Water

By Water:  How To Reach Germany
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Germany shares some of the fringed shore of the North Sea and also has many rivers. So waterways are also a preferable mode of transport. You can reach Germany from Scandinavian countries by ferry. Internally, Germany’s 3 main rivers - Rhine, Elbe and Danube are very nicely interlinked with canals and streams, so they dominate water travel in the region by boast, ferries and yachts.

Getting Around

Getting Around:  How To Reach Germany
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Germans are one of the best when it comes to making automobiles. And they also ensure that the said automobiles are driven well on road. Hence German transportation is quick and efficient, with an easy discipline that is ingrained in every national. Getting around in German cities is best done by hiring cars or taking trains. Ride sharing is also available from most stations. For inter-city travel, trains are cheaper than flights, but sometimes you might find budget airlines cheaper. Usually, travel by train is better for locals as they can carry their bikes along with them at no extra fare (in non-rush hour times of the day).

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