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What Not To Do In India

Planning A Trip To India? Some tips to help you stay out of trouble in India

India is a great place for a vacation! But everything said and done, it is a conservative country with tons of quirks, and if we may, a lot of offend takers. So some things that might be okay in your culture are looked down upon or even considered a taboo in India. Here are a few things that you should not do in India. Consider these simple guidelines to have a safe and happy trip to India.

Learn To Haggle

Learn To Haggle:  What Not To Do In India
Photograph by user mckaysavage

When you go shopping in any tourist area, you can expect prices to be upped manifold. Bargaining is absolutely essential! If you have a local friend, take him or her along for help and see how it's done. However, don't enlist the help of any stranger or tout who may have tagged along with you on the way. You could be duped of a lot of money before you know it!

Avoid Wearing Tiny Clothes

Avoid Wearing Tiny Clothes:  What Not To Do In India
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This one is for the ladies. Avoid wearing clothes that are too revealing, especially when travelling alone or in a smaller group. India is a very conservative country and men in certain areas tend to behave in an appalling fashion with women who aren't covered up. This doesn't mean you have to cover your head or be clad from head to toe. But avoid showing too much cleavage or wearing hot pants when out on the streets. Also, avoid public displays of affection with your partner in places where there are random people. It can get very uncomfortable as there is a faction of the populace that is rabidly against intimacy in public. However, you can be as you like when with friends/indoors.

Don't Say No To Lunch

Don't Say No To Lunch:  What Not To Do In India
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Indian families are very hospitable. And in India, hospitality equates to feeding ones guests! So if you go to someone's home and refuse to eat or drink anything they offer you, they will feel extremely hurt and offended! If you're worried about hygiene, carry your own bottle of water wherever you go, but do accept food from your hosts unless you really want to antagonize them!

Don't Take Beggars Home

Don't Take Beggars Home:  What Not To Do In India
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India is a land of crippling poverty. And while the plight of street urchins, destitute old men and homeless young women may tug at your heart strings, do not attempt to take anyone home to help them. As a general rule, it is better to share food like a packet of biscuits or a bottle of water you may be carrying with a hungry child on the streets, than try and engage a young man who approaches you for money. It's not advisable.

Don't Be Racist

Don't Be Racist:  What Not To Do In India
Photograph by user meg and rahul

Don't make racist remarks... not even as a joke. Indians don't take it with a sporting spirit and you could get into a lot of trouble in certain areas. If confronted by angry locals, never try and fight them. It is better to apologise and move away from the place immediately. The ladies are safer on this count because it's unlikely that people will pick a fight with a group of women, but men will definitely be picked on for racist comments.

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