Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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Tourist Places To Visit In Bengaluru (Bangalore)

Planning A Trip To Bengaluru (Bangalore)? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Bengaluru (Bangalore)

Capital of the southern Indian state of Karnataka, Bangalore also known as Bengaluru, is one of the fastest growing cities of Asia. Also known as the Garden City, Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India as it is the centre of the ‘software revolution’ which India has witnessed over the past two decades. It is the home to some of the biggest I.T. companies in India. Innumerable colleges and institutes have sprouted in Bangalore over the years earning the city the sobriquet of ‘Student City’. It is blessed with large number of meticulously planned gardens, parks, lakes, architectural landmarks balanced with modern amenities like pubs, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. Located on the Deccan Plateau, Bangalore has many great tourist places to visit, from Bangalore Palace to Tipu Sultan's Palace, Attara Kacheri to Bull Temple and more.

Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Photograph by Wiki commons

The construction of this architectural splendour was patronised by Chamaraja Wodeyar and constructed in 1887. Built in the Tudor-style, Bangalore Palace is often believed to have drawn inspiration from the Windsor Castle of England. Complete with Gothic windows and richly carved interiors, the palace has fortified towers. The sprawling grounds around the palace are used for hosting public events and concerts.


Bangalore Palace remains open to public from Monday to Saturday between 10.00am to 6.00pm. It remains closed on Sundays. An entry fee of Rs. 200 is charged for Indians and Rs. 400 for foreigners. Other costs include Rs. 1000 for video and Rs. 500 for still photography.

Tipu Sultan’s Palace

Tipu Sultan’s Palace:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Photograph by Wiki commons

Started by Hyder Ali, the palace was completed by Tipu Sultan in 1791 A.D. It served as the latter’s summer palace till his death in 1799 A.D. Made entirely of ornamentally carved French Rose wood, the structure is supported by richly adorned pillars, arches and balconies. Presently it houses a small museum displaying artefacts from the Hyder-Tipu rule.


Tipu’s Palace is open between 10.00am and 6.00pm except Sundays and a nominal entry fee is charged. 

Bangalore Fort

Bangalore Fort:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Photograph by Wiki commons

A stronghold of Tipu, the history of the fort dates back to 1537 A.D. Kempe Gowda, a feudatory of the Vijaynagar Empire laid foundations of a mud fort. This was later converted into a stone structure by Hyder Ali in 1761 A.D. Only the Delhi Gate and remnants of two bastions are what remain of the original fort. Tipu’s wooden palace is located within the fort area.


Bangalore Fort is open between 10.00am and 6.00pm except Sundays and a nominal entry fee is charged.

Vidhana Soudha

Vidhana Soudha:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Photograph by Wiki commons

Vidhana Soudha or the Karnataka State Legislative Assembly is an awe-inspiring construction that was completed in 1956. Built in a Mysore Neo-Dravidian style, the building draws heavily from Indo-Saracenic and Dravidian styles. It is complete with imposing granite columns and a dome 60 feet in diameter crowned by a likeness of the Indian national emblem.


As the State’s Legislative Assembly, entry to Vidhana Soudha is restricted. However, it can be visited on weekends and public holidays between 6.00pm and 8.30pm when it is beautifully lit up.

Attara Kacheri

Attara Kacheri:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Photograph by Wiki commons

Attara Kacheri is the Karnataka High Court overlooking the Vidhana Soudha. Made of bricks and stones painted in red it belongs to the Greco-Roman style of architecture.


Gardens:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Photograph by Wiki commons

Referred to as the ‘Garden City’ of India, Bangalore has some of the most beautifully laid out gardens in the country. Commissioned by Hyder Ali in 1760, Lal Bagh is a botanical garden housing over more than 1000 species of flora and fauna, containing a glass house. It is famous for its annual flower show. Lal Bagh remains open daily throughout the year from 6.00am to 7.00pm. Entry fee is Rs.10.


Located on the banks of Nagawara Lake, Lumbini Gardens is a wave pool with an artificial beach. The pool covers an area of 12,500 square feet. Lumbini Park is open to public between 10.00am and 7.00pm. Entry costs Rs. 10.

HAL Aerospace Museum

HAL Aerospace Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Photograph by Wiki commons

Bangalore also boasts of a wide variety of museums. One of the most fascinating among these is the HAL Aerospace Museum, India’s first aerospace museum. Different model aircrafts, communication and navigation equipments are placed on display here.


HAL Aerospace Museum remains open from Tuesday to Saturday between 9.00am and 5.00pm. Entry fee is Rs. 25 and an additional Rs. 10 for still photography.

Bull Temple

Bull Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Photograph by Nikita Kapoor

Built in Dravidian style by Kempe Gowda, Nandi or the Bull is carved out of a single block of granite. It is one of the biggest monolithic Nandi (Bull) statues of the world. Open from 6.00am to 8.00pm entry to Bull Temple is free.

Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Photograph by user Ashwin Kumar

Situated about 22 kilometres from Bangalore, Bannerghatta National Park is a major tourist attraction. Spread over an area of 25,000 acre, this zoological park boasts of one of the richest zoological reserves of India. It has a tiger and lion reserve, a museum, a butterfly park and a biological reserve. Bannerghatta National Park remains open from 9.00am to 7.00pm while the grand safari is conducted between 11.00am and 4.00pm. It is closed on Tuesdays. Entry fee to the zoo is around Rs. 50.

Brigade Road

Brigade Road:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Photograph by Wiki commons

It is one of the busiest commercial centres of Bangalore ideal for all kinds of shopping. You can get down at one end and finish at the other, picking things on the way. You will find all kinds of brands, all kinds of products, from apparels to techno gadgets, jewellery to homeware.

Innovative Film City

Innovative Film City:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Photograph by

An amusement park, Innovative Film City is a far cry from the city life of Bangalore. It is situated on the Bangalore-Mysore highway, in Bidali region, and is enjoyed by people of all ages. From go-carting to rides, cartoon park to museums and sand beaches, the park is amazing. There are 3-D and 4-D photo galleries as well as theatres, cafes and restaurants. All in all, a great way to spend a day or two.

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Photograph by

Located in South Bangalore, the Lal Bagh Botanical Garden is one of the oldest of its kind in the country. It was also one of the first botanical gardens around in India. Equipped with glasshouses, paved ways through lawns, floors and shrubs, the property is 240 acres in total. Commissioned by Hyder Ali and completed by Tipu Sultan, the botanical garden imported flowers and exotic species from Persia, Afghanistan and France to bloom here. Along with trees and flowers, you can also find birds like purple moorhen, pond heron, parakeets, myna and Brahminy kites around here.


Ramanagara:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Photograph by

Know where Sholay was shot? Here, in this very location.


Ramesh Sippy’s blockbuster classic Sholay was shot here in Ramanagara, a village 50 km from Bangalore. Until the release of this movie, the place was not even a blip on the map. But ever since, it's been a huge tourist attraction. Amid rocks and greenery, with silk rearing farms and Mysore pak selling stores, you get to enjoy the beauty that is Ramanagara. Visit Ramadevara Betta Vulture Sanctuary, see the grand Hanuman statue, climb up the Ramadevara Betta Hill and experience the best of Sholay trivia. Winter is the best season to visit.

Wonderla Waterpark

Wonderla Waterpark:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Photograph by

Wonderla Waterpark is a thrilling experience when in Bangalore! With water rides, swimming pools, waterfalls and many more exciting activities, this place is like an aqua resort. The waterpark had about 60 rides including land and water, the best of which is their Reverse Looping Roller Coaster. It goes both ways, forward as well as reverse, and leaves you screaming. There are also wave pools and ocean stimulators to give you the illusion of being out in the oceanic water. As music plays you get to get drenched in showers and rain dance.

Guhantara Underground Cave Resort

Guhantara Underground Cave Resort:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Photograph by

Ever been to a resort that is in a cave? Maybe yes. Ever been to one that is underground? 


Well, this one’s just your type then. Guhantara Underground Cave Resort in Bangalore is a beautiful one-of-its-kind place that is located in a cave underground and has all the amenities that you’d find in a luxury hotel. From horse-riding to ropewalking to cave discotheque, there is so much you can do here.

Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Photograph by

A small hamlet outside main town, Nandi Hills is a local escapade and perfect for tourists looking to chill for a weekend. Around 60 km away from Bangalore, Nandi Hills is known for its temples, shrines, monuments and the historical fortress that is built atop the hill. Tipu Sultan used this fortress during his freedom struggle as a summer house. You can find a lot of his memorabilia here. You can visit Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, go cycling in the hills, trek and paraglide too.


Jakkur:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Photograph by

Jakkur Aerodrome is the place to go to if you want an aerial view of Bangalore. There are microlight flying rides here that offer you the chance to fly high up, low enough to see the city under you, as if you are a bird. The 10 minute ascent leaves you breathless, taking you to 40000 ft above sea level and showing you the spectacle of the city. A trained flying instructor accompanies every trip and points out landmarks. If it is wild experiences you are looking for in Bangalore then this is one you shouldn’t miss.


Skandgiri:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Photograph by

A hill town close to Bangalore, Skandgiri is known for its trekking trails and green hills. The trek routes are moderate to difficult while the hills have a deep history hiding in their thickets. Tipu Sultan, the heir of Hyder Ali and king of Mysore used these forests to hide and strategise during his war with the British. When he lost the battle, the fortress fell, leaving only ruins that you can see today. There are also temples on top of the hill worth visiting.

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