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Things To Do In Sivasagar

Planning A Trip To Sivasagar? Here's our list of top things to do in Sivasagar

Located about 150km to the east of the renowned Kaziranga National Park in Assam, is the ancient town of Sibsagar or Sivasagar, as it is now known, with the historic past of Ahom Dynasty to its credit that was in power for nearly 600 years. The city’s filled with the archeological remnants of palaces, shrines, monuments and more from the Ahom Era and a large artificial lake called the Sibsagar Lake, which spans roughly 129 acres. Here’s a list of some of the most interesting things to do in the city of Sivasagar.

Heritage Tour

Heritage Tour:  Things To Do In Sivasagar
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Being the capital of the Ahom Regime originally, Sivasagar is home to a number of ancient monuments that reflect on its rich culture. Make the most of a walk through the 600 years of Sivasagar’s cultural legacy by visiting Charaideo, a town on the mountain foothills, about 30kms from the city. With flourishing oil and tea industries, tourism’s an added advantage for this town and renowned for its exquisite historical memorials and palaces. The tour includes places like the Rang Ghar, one of the oldest amphitheaters, the Talatal Ghar, an army base originally that was built with a number of hidden passageways underneath the Rangpur Palace, and the Kareng Ghar. You can also visit the Namdang Stone Bridge which was constructed on a single rock boulder.

Nature Tours

Nature Tours:  Things To Do In Sivasagar
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The town of Sivasagar is also known for its natural and scenic beauty, blessed with lush greens and several water bodies that make for calm and tranquility spots in addition to picturesque sights. Located about 13km from Sivasagar and a journey time of roughly 2 hours, you can visit the Kaziranga, which is not only known for its highly popular national park but for several other tourist attractions like the Kakochang waterfalls, Panbari Reserve Forest, the Ruins of Deopart, Tea Gardens and more. There’s the Pani Dihing Wildlife Sanctuary as well which is home to over 143 transitory birds and local bird species each year, with a wet & diverse ecosystem and a number of lakes spanning its 34km premise.

Spiritual Activities

Spiritual Activities:  Things To Do In Sivasagar
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One of the most important tourist attractions in the town of Sivasagar is the Sivadol Temple as part of its spiritual or religious activities you can pursue. You can continue your tour by visiting Borpukhuri on the banks of the Sivasagar Tank that attracts numerous birds. If your visit to Sivasagar coincides with the festival of Shivratri, then you’d be blessed in enjoying the glorious celebrations of the festival that adorns the town. April-May and September-October are times of excitement as well for the annual Durga Puja, and festivals celebrated in honor of Lord Vishnu. There’s another temple called the Ghanashyam Dol which is built of terracotta and stands tall in mint condition.

A Day's Visit Near Sivasagar

A Day's Visit Near Sivasagar:  Things To Do In Sivasagar
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Located 22km from Sivasagar, the Ajanpir Dargah is a sacred place that’s flocked by visitors from far and wide. The site is a memorial of Ajan Pir, one of the first Muslim saints who composed a unique genre of religious hymns called Zikir. People from all walks of life and religions visit the Dargah to seek blessings and in reverence. It is situated on Saraguri Chapori by the Dikhow River. A popular spot for a day picnic around Sivasagar, Bor Xil is a crowd puller where scores of visitors and locals gather during the season. The spot is located on the foothills of Nagaland surrounded by the beautiful and renowned River Dikhow flowing closely.

Watch the Setting Sun at Disang Mukh

Watch the Setting Sun at Disang Mukh:  Things To Do In Sivasagar
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Located just 10km from Sivasagar, Disangmukh is the Brahmaputra’s tributary and a popular picnic spot as well. Surrounded by scenic beauty all around, the sight presents an up-close and personal view of the Assamese Mising Tribes and was considered to be the Ahom capital Rangpur’s border. It also served as a significant port between Sivasagar and other destinations for any mode of transportation during the British Reign. If you love a tranquil setting, then you’d enjoy Disangmukh especially during winters, when the place is brimming with migratory birds, with the white sand of Brahmaputra adding to the peace and calm all around you, not to forget the Dolphins, which are a rare sight in this part of the world. The setting sun or even the rising sun will give you a heavenly experience, you’re bound to remember for long.

Experience the Tribal Culture at DikhowMukh

Experience the Tribal Culture at DikhowMukh:  Things To Do In Sivasagar
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Dikhow Mukh’s located about 25km from Sivasagar and is known for its picturesque beauty and the mighty Brahmaputra River, in addition to its vibrant Tribal culture. Flowing from the Naga Hills, Dikhow Mukh was initially an Ahom Port with connections to rivulet Sonai and the Rupahi Channel. Having witnessed a number of wars between the Ahoms and the Kacharis, Mughals, Koch, Burmese and Moamariyas, Dikhowmukh is home to one of the most colorful tribe communities in Assam, the Miching Tribe. Most people in the community live off their agricultural produce, chiefly Ravi crops and Bao, poultry and piggery. Other means of livelihood include milk produce, pottery and fishing, and some minute sections engaged in mushroom cultivation or beehives. The tribal community is also highly dependent on its textile craft with a number of progressive bamboo and cane crafts in the cottage industry realm.

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