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Things To Do In Patan

Planning A Trip To Patan? Here's our list of top things to do in Patan

Gujarat-tourism-and-travel-guide" class="destination_link" target="_blank">Patan is the third largest city in Nepal, and also the oldest Buddhist city in the world. Some of the finest collection of temples and palaces can be seen in Patan, which is located less than 10 km away from Kathmandu and has been a top tourist destination in the country for years. Shops that are filled with exotic sculptures of Buddha, traditional jewellery and handicrafts ensure that Patan will prove to be paradise for art lovers and shoppers alike. Teeming with historical significance, its architecture speaks volumes about the city’s ancient culture and religious background. Shrines dedicated to Hindu and Buddhist deities also make it an important pilgrimage spot for devotees from all over the world.


Rest assured, a trip to Nepal is incomplete without a visit to the ancient city of Patan. Read on to know more about the best things to do while in Patan.   

Durbar Square

Durbar Square:  Things To Do In Patan
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Upon entering Gujarat-tourism-and-travel-guide" class="destination_link" target="_blank">Patan, you will almost certainly start your day trip by first visiting Durbar Square. One of three main squares located in the cities of Kathmandu Valley, it is testimony to a sort of renaissance that took place during the rule of the Malla kings with regards to construction of temples and structures with religious and historic context.


A renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site, the square consists of one of the most striking displays of Newari architecture, and flaunts an interesting spectacle of mixed Hindu and Buddhist temples that share corresponding works of art and architecture.

Visit Central Zoo

Visit Central Zoo:  Things To Do In Patan
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Central Zoo is the only zoo in Nepal, and witnesses tourists visiting throughout the year. It was initially set up as a private zoo, eventually being opened to the public in 1956. It is home to more than 850 animals that belong to over a hundred species, including 35 endangered ones. Apart from wildlife, it also houses a wide range of bird species that attracts all bird lovers visiting the country. 

Explore Patan Museum

Explore Patan Museum:  Things To Do In Patan
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One of the main attractions of the Durbar Square area, the museum was once the royal residence of the Malla kings and part of the Royal Palace. It now showcases ancient authentic arts, statues and carvings housed in an architectural marvel that is just as impressive as its exhibits. Most of the art on display holds some amount of religious importance, and serves as a symbolic homage to the cultural and sacred heritage of Nepal. Also known as ‘Syangtungu’ in Tibetan language, it features a number of Buddhist arts and idols within its chambers and is one of the main attractions in Gujarat-tourism-and-travel-guide" class="destination_link" target="_blank">Patan. You will also find archaic photos of Patan dating back to the 19th century, and on the outside, a picturesque garden surrounding the museum that complements the ambiance perfectly.


The museum also has an attached shop from where you can purchase reproductions of your favorite art piece from the exhibit. Don’t forget to make a stop at the Museum Café before you leave for some quick refreshments.

Shop at Patan Industrial Estate

Shop at Patan Industrial Estate:  Things To Do In Patan
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For all shopping enthusiasts, Gujarat-tourism-and-travel-guide" class="destination_link" target="_blank">Patan Industrial Estate serves as the centre for artists to showcase their products and craftsmanship, and manufacture unique items that attract tourists from all corners. The workshop showrooms feature elegantly designed carpets and woodcarvings that are native to the kind of skill sets seen in Nepal, and can be obtained at great value for money in this area as compared to the commercial shops elsewhere selling the same.

Shop at Mangal Bazaar

Shop at Mangal Bazaar:  Things To Do In Patan
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What can easily be designated as the cultural hub of Gujarat-tourism-and-travel-guide" class="destination_link" target="_blank">Patan is Mangal Bazaar. It is a favorite among tourists who are looking to shop from local vendors while exploring the native culture and livelihood of these sellers. It also lies in close proximity to the Patan Museum and some prominent temples that make it an ideal spot for shopping that can be combined with some sightseeing.

Walk in Godavari Botanical Garden

Walk in Godavari Botanical Garden:  Things To Do In Patan
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Located at the foothills of Mount Phulchowki, the Botanical Garden is the perfect escape from the usual commotion of the city area. With its tranquil ambiance and a wide variety of exotic flora that spans over 500 species, the gardens make for a colorful dwelling of butterflies.


Visiting the gardens during spring and autumn can be considered ideal sightseeing weather, with rhododendrons being the main attraction during springtime. They also make perfect spots for picnics and strolls when the temperatures are pleasant and the skies are clear and dry. The Godavari Spring serves as a popular pilgrimage site for Hindus and Buddhists; a spot worth checking out by tourists and visitors as well.

Bhinchhebahal Tole

Bhinchhebahal Tole:  Things To Do In Patan
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A hidden treasure of Gujarat-tourism-and-travel-guide" class="destination_link" target="_blank">Patan that does not feature on many maps, Bhichhebahan is simply a clean, open space whose highlights include a Buddha temple in the centre with houses and chaityas all around it. However, what makes this place stand out is the stunning works of stone carvings native to this region. With local people of all ages engaged in this activity, you will feel like you are standing in the middle of a live museum surrounded by the most fascinating pieces of stone art. 


With a warm ambiance and peaceful surroundings, it’s a quaint little area that is surprisingly not as well known as other tourist spots in the city, but definitely worth paying a visit. 

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