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Things To Do In Nottingham

Planning A Trip To Nottingham? Here's our list of top things to do in Nottingham

Irrespective of what weather conditions persist, Nottingham’s tourism has a lot to offer its visitors and residents with scores of outdoor activities, landscapes and attractions to enjoy. From riding on the bike trails through Sherwood Forests to family picnics at Clumber Park, the lush green county always has a nature reserve or a country park with easy accessibility. Here’s a glimpse of things to do in Nottingham.

Derbyshire Pony Trekking

Derbyshire Pony Trekking:  Things To Do In Nottingham
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Experience treks through the most captivating countryside on the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border. From a fast-paced trek for experienced riders to steady treks for beginners, Derbyshire Pony Trekking is for all age groups (starting at age 4) and people with all abilities. With different routes, scenic woodlands, and breathtaking views spanning 4 counties, you will experience nature along the way like never before, with fascinating sights of woodpeckers, wild birds, herons, deer and buzzards.


Skydiving:  Things To Do In Nottingham
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Skydiving is a popular adventure sport and can be explored both indoors and outdoors and an experience you can’t afford to miss! The sheer excitement and adrenaline rush you will experience can only be felt by jumping off a plane at 13,000 ft, plunging to the ground at a speed of nearly 120mph! You can choose to make a tandem skydive with an expert instructor from 2 miles high, freefalling for nearly 50 seconds or skydive solo, after being guided by experienced speedy free fall guides with an on-ground training session to prepare you. Skydive Langar, a drop zone situated at Langar Airfield near the town of Nottingham is a popular centre to experience Skydiving.

River Cruises

River Cruises:  Things To Do In Nottingham
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Set on the gorgeous River Lodge and easily accessible from Nottingham’s city center, Princess River Cruises provide the largest river yachts, the Nottingham Prince and the Nottingham Princess on the Trent River, with options for both day and evening tours as well as private rentals with cruise & dining during the day & dining and party packages in the evening. Available in all seasons, the river cruisers are all centrally heated, providing the perfect setting for a serene and relaxing river cruise and also have access for specially enabled visitors in the lower level of their vessels. The Day Cruises depart from Nottingham, River Trent or River Lodge spanning 2 hours or 3 hours covering scenic sights of this beautiful city, while the Night Cruises include a pre-cruise drink from the River Lodge, and is complete with facilities for bar, terrace & reception.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting:  Things To Do In Nottingham
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Right at the core of the town of Nottingham, experience the popular sport of White Water Rafting that can be customized to your liking. An hour’s session for a beginner or an experienced rafter, the rapid rafting option is available every morning at 10 am in NWSC White Water. Other sessions include a daytime rafting experience of about 2 hours in groups or individuals on a mixed group raft. And after you’ve had your fun at the rapids, relax by the rapids Retreat Café with a pint, delicious pizzas, overseeing the lagoon.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling:  Things To Do In Nottingham
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Whether you’re experienced or a complete novice in the realm of snorkeling and scuba diving, explore these wondrous water activities with Dive in the Blue, a Specialist School in Nottingham with experienced dive masters and instructors who will not only guide you through the experience but will show you magnificent underwater sights. Stoney Cove is a popular inland diving site between Sapcote and Stoney Station and is a flooded quarry, used for pleasure dives and scuba diving training.

Sherwood Forest Activity Centre

Sherwood Forest Activity Centre:  Things To Do In Nottingham
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With a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities in Nottingham, Sherwood Forest is an accessible drive from anywhere in the UK. Spanning 400 acres of forestry you will find a stunning blend of lakes, wild meadows, woodlands and a beautiful sandy beach where you can laze around and soak in the sun! With something for everyone, the Sherwood Forest Activity Centre offers a variety of things to do irrespective of the kind of weather you find yourself in, including subtropical swimming heaven with slides and rides, fine dining, licensed bars and hearty meals options. You can explore different activities of your interest from an assortment of archery, quad biking, airsoft, paintball, crossbows, or laser tags.


You can also try your hand at the experience of a summer adventure with a Jungle assault course in the heart of the forest. With one eye open to the wilderness around you, with nothing but a jacket to shelter you, cook a meal for yourself with just the very basic fire making techniques and have water after you’ve learned how to purify it! This activity is called Bushcraft Adventure.

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