Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Things To Do In Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Planning A Trip To Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary? Here's our list of top things to do in Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary in Chhattisgarh is spread across a land of 245 sq km and houses quite a few species of endangered animals and birds. This sanctuary is one of the most visited attractions in the state of Chhattisgarh and comprises of two forest villages as well. The landscape of the sanctuary is mostly flat, with undulating terrain. Some of the best things to do in Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary include observing the rich and diverse population of wildlife and birds. Along with that, observing a variety of flora is also a notable thing to do. Other than the sanctuary itself there are numerous things to do around the reserve as well and must be checked out. Here is a list of the things to do in and around the wildlife sanctuary.

Jungle Safaris

Jungle Safaris:  Things To Do In Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary
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Safaris in Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary are conducted twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. A tour guide will accompany you on each of those trips and give you more information on the flora and fauna of the region. You can ask the authorities about the safari rides and their schedules. The guide will show you many species of animals, birds, reptiles and plants to educate you about the region. These safaris are the prime things to do in the sanctuary and are enjoyed by all age groups. Don’t forget to take a joyride on the elephants and check out the other animals in the park.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching:  Things To Do In Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary
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Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary is located at the banks of river Mahanadi and has an array of species of birds coming in from different regions. These migratory birds are mostly seen in the wintertime and this is the best time to pursue bird watching. When you are here in the cold season, make sure you carry your binoculars to spot some spectacular bird species like parrots, peafowl, herons, egrets and many other species of birds that you do not see commonly in any other place. Over 250 species of birds have been found in this park and are very rare also. This is a great time to go sit by the banks of the river and observe these lovely birds.

Nature Walks

Nature Walks:  Things To Do In Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary
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The best way to explore any place is by walking. Now, if you are in a forest area, the best way to explore the trees, animals, reptiles and birds is by walking. Even in Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary, taking nature walks may relieve your anxiety as well as give you a new experience. Usually you are accompanied by a guide to avoid any accidents, but some trails are safe and easy to walk on; these trails can be taken by you and your family to explore the sanctuary. This is a great place to bring children out on excursions or for a picnic also to soak in some natural beauty.

Star Gazing

Star Gazing:  Things To Do In Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary
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One of the best things to experience in a sanctuary or a national park is the clear night sky, which is something that you are unable to experience in the city. Due to almost no pollution in the jungle, the skies are clear and stars are visible more frequently. If you want to enjoy star gazing, go over to the authorities to see if you can get camping equipments. Set up a tent for yourself, sing some bonfire songs with your friends and at the end, you can lie down straight, looking at the stars glimmering in the distance. This is one of the best experiences to have in Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary.

Bicycle Trails

Bicycle Trails:  Things To Do In Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary
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If you plan to stay at a resort in the jungle on your visit to Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary, then you must go bicycle riding. The forest land here is full of different species of birds and reptiles; this is a haven for bird watchers and photographers. At the resort, you can ask to rent out a bicycle and set out on the trail that has tall sal trees and green lush meadows. This is a fun and a good way to explore the forest area. If you do plan to ride a bike on your visit here, make sure you carry a comfortable pair of sneakers and shorts.

Attend a Festival

Attend a Festival:  Things To Do In Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary
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If you visit Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary during January, You must attend Sirpur National Dance and Music Festival in Sirpur. It is held right behind the Laxmana Temple that is considered so holy by locals and tourists. Chhattisgarh Tourism Board organizes these festivals and famous singers visit the festival to sing and entertain people. This festival is a good experience as you can see national, international as well as local talent all on one platform. Along with entertainment there are food stalls for people.


Bonfires:  Things To Do In Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary
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Looking forward to a bonfire? This is a great chance to have a bonfire in a safe area near the resort. The resort arranges for a tent for each person to camp out and have a bonfire, where guides will tell you stories of the jungle and give you more information about animals, especially the ones that are still awake in the night. This is a great way to make new friends and share stories about nature. But the resorts do not allow speakers of any sort as it is a disturbance to the tranquil environment they are trying to maintain.

Visit a Watering Hole

Visit a Watering Hole:  Things To Do In Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary
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Watering holes are all over the place in Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary and this is where you get to see a lot of animals. During summers, when the temperature goes up high, animals go to these watering holes in search of water to quench their thirst. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, this is the best way to witness some rare species of animals and birds as well as observe them in their natural surroundings. Visit different watering holes like Maharaja Nala, Rampur Tank, Sun Suniya Pani and see animals like leopards, gaur, sambhar, four horned antelope and many more.                                  

Stay at a Village Home Stay

Stay at a Village Home Stay:  Things To Do In Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary
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Having an experience in a home stay in a village near the Barnawapara Sanctuary is the best way to know the true culture and lifestyle. Stay at any of the forest villages of Bar or Nawapara and enjoy the local cuisine and stay. The villagers are mostly tribal and are very hospitable along with which they make exceptional food. The food there is made with the fruits and vegetables cultivated in their fields and are all organic. In the evenings, you can go from house to house to even see how they live. In the evenings you can visit the tribal markets to buy some souvenirs for back home.

Watch a Film in Open Air

Watch a Film in Open Air:  Things To Do In Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary
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When you visit these villages beside the sanctuary you will notice that their culture and lifestyle is simple, but along with that they have full entertainment for everyone. For the purpose of entertainment, people put up a huge piece of cloth and put a projector up to show movies to the villagers. This happens once or twice a week in the main field that can accommodate everyone. People of all ages flock to this place to enjoy a movie with their friends and family. You can join the villagers while you are in a home stay; this si the best way to experience the local culture.

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