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Tamil Nadu Temples

Planning A Trip To Tamil Nadu? A Gist of Some of the Most Popular Tamil Nadu Temples

Tamil Nadu is home to a legion of temples that accommodate thousands of deities and devotees in a day. Tamil Nadu Temples have a serene and demure charm that mesmerizes the human eyes. It is the divinity of Tamil Nadu that amazes a traveler on her visit. Travelers love this omnipotent side of Tamil Nadu and travel thousands of miles to attain this transcendental experience. Tamil Nadu has been a charm for people seeking spiritual awakening, and here are some of the temples that glorify its land.

Rameswaram Temple

Rameswaram Temple:  Tamil Nadu Temples
Photograph by www.flickr.com user diliponnetin

The most treasured and enshrined place in Tamil Nadu is Rameshwaram, because it is the home to Ramanatha Swamy Temple. This sacred temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas established in India. Pilgrims traveling to Banaras also visit the Ramanatha Swamy temple. This is due to the belief that the journey to Banaras is incomplete without paying a visit to this Rameswaram temple. The Ramanatha Temple nestles on 15 acres of land and displays 4000 pillars with intricate sculpturing.

Meenakshi Temple

Meenakshi Temple:  Tamil Nadu Temples
Photograph by www.flickr.com user rhtnowlinda

Meenakshi Sundareshwar Temple is the landmark and vestige of Tamil Nadu. Constructed in the 17th century, this temple has magnificent grandeur that impresses and bedazzles the devotees. The Hindus hold this temple in high regard. As the legend says, the wedding of Lord Shiva and Parvati was held at this place. Meenakshi Kalyanam is a huge festival celebrated with great pomp in the month of chaitra that is April to May to celebrate the anniversary of the deities.

Brihadeeswara Temple

Brihadeeswara Temple:  Tamil Nadu Temples
Photograph by www.flickr.com user R. Srikant

In the city of Tanjavur, nestles the temple of Brihadeswara. The pilgrimage to this temple is considered to be very prominent and scared by Hindus. The Brihadeswara Temple with its intricate sculpturing and carvings, is well known as an architectural marvel. The temple adorns Tanjavur styled polychromatic engravings.

Mahabalipuram Temple

Mahabalipuram Temple:  Tamil Nadu Temples
Photograph by www.flickr.com user Palagret

Admirably radiant, the temple of Mahabalipuram Rathas takes every one’s breath away. The temple is made up of monoliths which are large columns chiseled out of a single stone. This temple’s architecture portrays a confluence of the Chaityas and Buddhist Viharas. The Rathas in the Mahabalipuram temple are wonders themselves and are widely known as Pancha Pandava Ratha worldwide.

Patteeswaram Durga Temple

Patteeswaram Durga Temple:  Tamil Nadu Temples
Photograph by www.flickr.com user RajagopalanSarangapani

The land in Patteeswaram is famous for its Durga temple that derives its beauty from the past dynasties that ruled it. It is said that the temple was left half-way during its construction. It has been rebuilt several times after that. Today this temple is well maintained and big in architecture and design. This temple has five towers that house different deities. It is believed that Lord Rama installed a Shivlingam in this temple to wash away his sins that he committed to kill Ravana for kidnapping his wife Sita.

Thanthondreeswarar Temple

Thanthondreeswarar Temple:  Tamil Nadu Temples
Photograph by www.flickr.com user Hmnt

This temple caresses the beautiful hills that surround it from the sides, along the banks of Vasishta River in Belur, Salem district of Tamil Nadu. Built for Lord Shiva, this temple is one of the monuments contributed by the Chola kingdom of India in 12th century AD. It features the rich Dravidian architecture and the culture of Tamil Nadu in the truest sense possible. Thanthindreeswar temple has some incredible single-stone rock structures that will make your journey an exploration of religion and archaeological artefacts.

Thirumayam Temple

Thirumayam Temple:  Tamil Nadu Temples
Photograph by www.flickr.com user lomadi

This temple bears great importance in the mythological history of Hinduism. It is situated inside a fort built on a lonely hill top. It has two separate rock-cut temples of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Among the two, the Shiva cave temple is older. Based on the architectural style and evidences, it is said to be carved during the first half of the 7th century AD. The mystical aura that encases itself within the walls of this temple is something that is very rare in a religiously significant place like this.

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