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Sihanoukville Weather And Best Time To Visit Sihanoukville

Planning A Trip To Sihanoukville? Here's a snapshot of Sihanoukville weather and the best time to visit Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville is the most popular beach paradise in the country of Cambodia. This town offers visitors with a perfect blend of beaches filled with pristine sands, restaurants stocked with delicious seafood, and bars studded with impressive options to unwind. This land of beaches forms the prime trading seaport in Cambodia.


Sihanoukville witnesses tropical weather thanks to its proximity to sea waters. On account of the southwest monsoon winds that blow over the town, it experiences two seasons, the dry season and the wet season. The best time to visit Sihanoukville is during the dry season. Let us read on to know more about the different seasons of Sihanoukville and how they attract tourists.

Dry Season (October to Early May)

Dry Season (October to Early May):  Sihanoukville Weather And Best Time To Visit Sihanoukville
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Dry Season in Sihanoukville begins with October and continues up to Early May. The best time to visit this city is between November and February as scanty rainfall provides tourists with conducive traveling conditions. With bright sunshine and azure skies, the temperatures in Sihanoukville usually hover around the 30°C mark during the dry season. The dry season is the perfect time to visit the beaches in the city and spend time amidst refreshing sea breeze. This city can safely be called the beach haven of Cambodia. Several tourists throng Sihanoukville at this time as this is the peak season for exploring the city's jewels.

Wet season (Early May to September)

Wet season (Early May to September):  Sihanoukville Weather And Best Time To Visit Sihanoukville
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The wet season in Sihanoukville runs from Early May to September. The tropical climate of the city experiences brief spells of heavy precipitation and intense humidity. However, this being offseason, tourists will find it easier to venture into the city amidst lesser crowds. Although the wet season makes traveling difficult, visitors can enjoy benefits such as offseason discounts while relaxing at any of the beach resorts spread across the city. Places such as Otres Beach provide a tranquil atmosphere and offer tourists a plethora of watersports and stimulating activities to take up.

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