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Johannesburg Weather And Best Time To Visit Johannesburg

Planning A Trip To Johannesburg? Here's a snapshot of Johannesburg weather and the best time to visit Johannesburg

A city blessed with a climate that favors tourism, Johannesburg is one of the biggest cities to grace South Africa's mainland. The city boasts of a perfect blend of concrete jungles and natural environments, which can attract tourists in equal measure. With its exceptional infrastructure, serene landscapes and unique cultural heritage, Johannesburg attracts tourists from all over the globe.

Located on elevated land, Johannesburg witnesses a mild tropical climate. Owing to this, the weather in Johannesburg constantly ranges between 15˚C and 25˚C. With temperatures not soaring too high throughout the year, tourists are free to visit the city at any time of the year. However, the dry and pleasant climate makes summer season best time to spend time in Johannesburg. Let us look at how these seasons favor tourism prospects.

Spring (August to Mid-October)

Spring (August to Mid-October):  Johannesburg Weather And Best Time To Visit Johannesburg
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Spring season in Johannesburg experiences bright and pleasant weather. Temperatures mostly hover between 10˚C and 25˚C during this season. With a comfortable climate, Spring is one of the best seasons to explore the bustling streets of Johannesburg. Warmer temperatures mean that tourists can afford to get into their beach attire and soak up on the sands of the city with ease. Additionally, the spring season also offers tourists cheaper modes of transport to the city and smaller crowds.

Summer (Mid-October to Mid-February)

Summer (Mid-October to Mid-February):  Johannesburg Weather And Best Time To Visit Johannesburg
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Johannesburg's summers witness a mild and warm climate, with temperatures constantly ranging between 15˚C and 30˚C. While the nights remain cool, the afternoons and evenings sometimes experience thunderstorms. Despite these showers, Johannesburg manages to attract tourists during summer as the weather remains sunny and warm. This is an apt time of the year to venture into the city's exuberant streams. With the advent of Christmas, the streets of Johannesburg turn lively. Tourists can witness social mingling and vibrant musical affairs at every nook and cranny of the city.

Autumn (Mid-February to April)

Autumn (Mid-February to April):  Johannesburg Weather And Best Time To Visit Johannesburg
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Autumn season in Johannesburg experiences a welcoming climate, with temperatures fluctuating between 10˚C and 25˚C. The pleasant weather offers tourists a perfect atmosphere to explore the city area. During the month of March, the city comes alive with several events to keep alive the memory of the Sharpeville massacre of 1960. While the days remain humid, the nights in autumn experience a chilling vibe. With Easter festivities adorning the city area, tourists are sure to enjoy their time in Johannesburg.

Winter (May to September)

Winter (May to September):  Johannesburg Weather And Best Time To Visit Johannesburg
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Winter season in Johannesburg witnesses shorter days and colder nights. The temperatures even drop to freezing point lows of 0˚C during the coolest months of June and July. Winters in Johannesburg experience temperatures that constantly range between 5˚C and 20˚C. This is an apt time to venture into the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens or explore the Apartheid Museum. The colder weather of July offers a perfect atmosphere for touring surrounding game reserves such as Mabula Game Lodge, Madikwe Game Reserve and Pilanesberg National Park.

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