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How To Reach Singapore

Planning A Trip To Singapore? Here are some guidelines on how to reach Singapore

The Garden city-state of Singapore attracts millions of travellers each year. From family oriented activities to shopping outlets, to a vibrant nightlife, Singapore has a lot of diversity to offer to its tourists. Being a destination in high demand for leisure and business travellers alike, Singapore is well connected to all parts of the world.


While most nationalities can enter Singapore without a visa for up to 30 days, some may require an online visa or may have to apply for one at their nearest Singaporean High Commission, Consulate or Embassy. Exact details can be obtained from their official website


The immigration process here is strict and the country has stringent laws relating to drugs, tobacco, pornography, pirated goods and even the import of chewing gum. So, while in Singapore, follow their rules and regulations as their penalties are also apply to foreigners. Here are various modes to reach Singapore.

By Air

By Air:  How To Reach Singapore
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Singapore has two airports, the Changi International Airport and the Seletar Airport. The massive Changi International Airport caters to all passenger and cargo flights to and from Singapore. The Changi International airport is quite beautiful with a number of gardens and a vast Duty-Free Shopping arcade inside.


However, if you chose to charter a flight, you will be landing at the Seletar Airport. Managed by the Changi Airport Authorities, Seletar is used only for charter flights and for training purposes by the Singapore Flying College and the flying clubs. 

By Road

By Road:  How To Reach Singapore
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The Peninsular Malaysia is linked to Singapore by two land crossings. The more popular is the Causeway thereby being terminally congested, especially in the evenings. The Causeway can be crossed by car, bus, train or Taxi.


A second crossing, known as the Second Link between Malaysia and Singapore, is relatively less congested and is used by the numerous luxury bus services between Malaysia and Singapore.  However, there is no centralised bus terminal and buses depart from different parts of the city. You can book tickets for these buses from their online portals.


This route is strongly recommended if you have your own car. That said driving in Singapore with a foreign-registered car is rather complicated and expensive. You would require a Vehicle Registration Certificate, Customs papers, car insurance papers from a Singapore-based insurance company and an International Circulation Permit!

By Rail

By Rail:  How To Reach Singapore
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The Malaysian Railway or KTMB runs a shuttle train service between Singapore and Johor Bahru. These trains do a total of 26 trips (up and down) in a day. While less frequent and more expensive, the trains have a separate immigration counter and are well connected to the MRT in Singapore. Since trains are the preferred mode of transport for commuters and weekend shoppers we suggest booking tickets in advance.


Waterways:  How To Reach Singapore
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Ferries and cruises connect Singapore to Riau Islands of Indonesia and Johor of Malaysia. The five of Singapore’s ferry terminals are extremely well connected to other local transport systems. Many private operators run regular ferry services and tickets can be purchased on the spot or booked in advance.


Another more luxurious option is to visit Singapore on a cruise. Star Cruises connects various spots in Southeast Asia with multiple cruises on a daily basis. The cruise departs and docks at Harbour Front Ferry Terminal. Singapore is also a popular stopover for major cruises from across the world.

Getting Around In Singapore

Getting Around In Singapore:  How To Reach Singapore
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Singapore has a very well maintained public transport network. Most places are very well connected with their metro (MRT and LRT) services as well as the public bus services. Even tourist finding their own way around the city won't encounter a hard time. The locals are helpful. Besides, one can always turn to the nationalized SMRT app which will guide you through the metro as well as the bus network.


For going short distances, you could always hail a cab. Most hotels have a kiosk for booking cabs at the entrance. Uber, Grab Cab and Comfort Delgro are the top cab services.

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