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Dharamsala Weather And Best Time To Visit Dharamsala

Planning A Trip To Dharamsala? Here's a snapshot of Dharamsala weather and the best time to visit Dharamsala

Situated in the pleasant Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh, Dharamsala (also known as Little Lhasa) is a perfect destination for nature lovers. The pleasant surroundings of Dharamsala and the presence of the great Buddhist culture makes this hill station one of the most peaceful in India.


Even though one could visit the hill station throughout the year, to soak in the beauty of the stunning mountains and the lush coniferous forests, do remember that the weather in Dharamsala is refreshing in summer. If you love rains, the misty mountains would be great to visit in Monsoons too.


So pack your bags and start exploring Dharamsala, becasue there is no one best time to visit it. It's great all year round!

Summer (April to June)

Summer (April to June):  Dharamsala Weather And Best Time To Visit Dharamsala
Photograph by http://www.indiahillstation.info

If you are planning to beat the scorching summers of the plains, then April to mid-July is the time to head towards Dharamsala. Summer months are ideal for an outing to the hills when the temperatures stay pleasant between 22°C to 35°C. It's also the perfect time for trekking trips on the grand trails like Triund. However this is also the peak season so it tends to get a little crowded over the weekends. See if you can stay on till mid-week to enjoy the actual tranquility of this destination.

Monsoon (July to September)

Monsoon (July to September):  Dharamsala Weather And Best Time To Visit Dharamsala
Photograph by https://readtiger.com

Monsoon arrives in Dharamsala sometime during July and carries on full swing till August before subsiding in September. If you want to experience a true mountain monsoon, visit Dharamsala. An added advantage is finding the hill-station quite deserted during monsoon. Monsoon isn't really a favourite with most tourists because of which it is easy to find rooms at good deals. However it's a bad idea to plan a trekking trip during this time as most of the routes are closed or too precarious. 

Winters (October to March)

Winters (October to March):  Dharamsala Weather And Best Time To Visit Dharamsala
Photograph by http://www.mystateinfo.com

Dharamsala winters are frigid. The temperature steeps to 4° C to 7° C. It snows around January, when the temperature plunges to zero degrees. This is a good time for honeymoon trips if you want to enjoy the snow. Enjoy the view of the snow clad mountains and cozy up by the bonfire.


We recommend you visit Dharamsala in winters if you want to enjoy breath-taking scenery and have fun in the snow-capped hilly areas. On the other hand, for trekking and all kinds of tourist activities, summer is the best time. The months from September to November are perfect for touring, sanctuary visits, excursions and trekking. However, plan your monsoon trips to Dharamsala carefully as there may be heavy rainfall leading to land-slides.

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