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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is is an online travel marketplace that connects travel professionals like you with high-intent travelers looking to buy your services. Once you sign up with us (for FREE!), we'll get verified travel leads from all over the world directly to your desktop to help you grow your business. All you need is to create a FREE company profile which includes your service and destination specialties and we'll bring you hundreds of travel leads to choose from - YOU choose to buy the leads you like and grow your business to new heights.
  2. How does work?

    There are 3 simple steps to growing your business to new heights.

    1. Create a FREE company profile which includes your service and destination specialties.
    2. We bring hundreds of verified travel leads from all over the world directly to your desktop and recommend leads based on your specialties.
    3. You can view the details of each lead (including destinations, services, budget etc.) and choose to buy the leads you like.

    That's it! Let us help you grow your business - REGISTER FREE! Want to know more? Click here

  3. How is TripCrafters different from other referral websites? is an online travel marketplace - our goal is for you to get more business and at the same time for travelers to have a great travel experience.

    • We do not charge you any registration or other hidden fees and there is no obligation to buy leads
    • We'll simply bring you leads that you may be interested in and you can buy them if you like
    • We will work hard to promote your company profile on our website to help you generate more business
    • You can upload your trip itineraries and tour packages on our website and we'll promote them for you for free. The leads you get for those packages are EXCLUSIVELY yours!

    So, we'll promote your company for free, AND give you complete control of the leads you want to buy - that's a good deal! That's why we are different.

  4. Why should I use

    Here are some reasons why travel companies like yours love us (and why we think you will too):

    • Travel leads specifically for your type of business delivered to your desktop
    • Power to choose what leads to buy. No obligation to buy leads
    • No registration or other hidden fees. We want you to be part of our family and we don't charge you for it
    • FREE company profile to promote your business
    • Upload your trips and tour packages and get leads for them
    • Global reach for your business
    • Free online tools to manage your leads

    Not convinced yet? We'll give you more reasons why travel companies love us. Click here

  5. How do I know that these are serious travel leads?

    Our goal is to help you grow your business and make sure travelers have a great experience. We cannot grow our business if you do not grow yours - we are here because YOU are here. That's why we make an honest effort to ensure that we get the most qualified and serious leads, and nothing else. Here are a few steps we take:

    • We undertake extensive Search Engine Marketing to target serious travelers searching for vacations and trips
    • We do not post our trip request forms on a hundred different websites just to gather as many clicks as possible. We only work with strong and qualified affiliates who share our philosophy.
    • Our Trip Request form is designed to get maximum details from travelers - anyone who is not serious about traveling will probably not take the effort of filling out an extensive form like ours
    • As an added step, we get each and every traveler to verify their email address once they complete the Trip Request. We do not post any leads without verifying their email
  6. How are the lead delivered to me?

    Your recommended leads are delivered to your email inbox as soon as they are posted on our website. You can also view these leads on your Dashboard once you log in to Leads are automatically recommended to you by our software based on the destination and service specialties you enter in your company profile. You can also manually search for leads on the ALL LEADS page on (this includes every single available lead, and you can custom search and filter leads based on your specific criteria)

  7. Do I need to buy leads that are recommended and emailed to me?

    Absolutely NOT! Why should you buy something that you don't like? There is no obligation to buy any leads. You only buy the leads you like.

  8. What details can I view in a lead?

    We want you to be completely sure of the leads you buy. That's why we let you view ALL the details provided by travelers except their name and contact information. The lead details include:

    • Number of Travelers (by age group)
    • Destinations (From and To)
    • Departure Date
    • Trip Duration
    • Budget
    • Service Required (E.g. Flights, Hotels, Cruise etc.)
    • Trip Type (E.g. Casual vacation, Family vacation, Honeymoon etc.)
    • Trip Activities (E.g. Adventure, Sightseeing, Culture/Heritage etc.)
    • Any Additional Details provided
    • Client Location
  9. How much does it cost to register with TripCrafters? Are there any other fees?

    Nothing! Registration is completely free and there are no monthly fees or any other hidden fees to join us. So go ahead - REGISTER NOW!

  10. Who can register with Is there any review process?

    Travel Industry Professionals such as Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Hotel/Lodging Suppliers, Flight/Airline Suppliers, Cruise Suppliers, etc. can register with Once you register, we will carefully review your company profile and verify your details to make sure we make a good fit. We will notify you as soon as the verification process is completed.

  11. How do I buy a lead?

    You can view the price for each lead when you are viewing the Lead Details. You can easily buy the lead you like by clicking on the BUY NOW button at the bottom of the page.

    Note: You need to have sufficient Credits balance in order to buy a lead. Once you buy a lead, the price of the lead will automatically be deducted from your Credits balance. To know more about Credits, click here

  12. How much do leads cost?

    Our leads are carefully priced depending on the Trip requirements. Lead price is determined by a number of factors such as number of travelers, services needed, budget etc. As such, each lead is priced differently.

  13. How many people can buy the same lead?

    Each lead is sold to a MAXIMUM of 3 travel professionals. Our goal is to bring you more business and at the same time offer a choice to travelers - it is a fine balance and we try hard to maintain it.